President’s ‘unsuccessful’ accomplishments

On a daily basis we hear nothing from the Left but negativity toward our POTUS. One might think by reading the liberal newspapers and listening to Fake News TV that he doesn’t even come to the Oval Office on a daily basis. One needs to look only at his accomplishments for the short time he has been in the office, and we do know that about 90 percent of the news from main street media is negative with regard to President Trump.

For the record, all is not bleak. The economy is booming – 4.1% GDP for the second quarter; unemployment at an 18-year low, 4.0 percent; factory orders are booming; exports are surging; the Dow is 25,400+; more job openings than people to fill them; consumer spending is growing faster than available disposable income; second-quarter corporate profits came in very strong and they had jumped sharply in the first quarter of the year; and NATO members have finally begun stepping up to their share of expenses, following a push from our president – U.S. has always been looked at as the ATM for NATO I think. These are a few of the most recent accomplishments. But of course the major tax cuts/reform bill was also a major accomplishment. This of course was labeled by the Left as a major benefit to the wealthy, who of course, factually cough up 67 percent of the total federal tax take-in, while the bottom portion of the tax ladder pays virtually nothing.

America is now viewed as not leading from behind, but as a leader – up front. Small business can now operate without strangling regulations hanging over their heads. He has tackled the VA with all of its concerns and trying to put our returning veterans first. Job creation since the president has taken office is nothing to sneeze at either: 3 million new jobs created; 304,000 manufacturing jobs created; and 337,000 construction jobs created. He continues to try to level the field with regard to unfair tariffs. He fostered the move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem – which several presidents before him promised but did not deliver.

One could go on and on, but these should suffice … to prove that we have a very “unsuccessful” president in the Oval Office.

George R. Cook