Illegal aliens are not immigrants

A recent letter unfairly attacked Congressman Steve Stivers on immigrants. Confusing terminology was used. The author is talking about illegal aliens, not immigrants. Immigration is a legal process these invaders won’t bother with. Illegal aliens put themselves in the position they are in by invading our country. Various consular outlets exist all over Mexico where they could apply to legally come to the USA.

They illegally cross trying to get an upper hand by getting a foot on our soil. Separation from children is their fault. The children were not “kidnapped”; the USA does the responsible thing, separating the children from adults to check if they are related. Many minors come with human traffickers, using children as leverage.

Our immigration laws are not broken — they are not enforced. Annually we admit more people legally than any other country. Frankly I have have little patience with lawbreakers or those who aid and abet this invasion.

I will vote Republican this fall, putting the American people first. Democrats would scuttle the great gains we’ve made: Trump’s growing economy, historic low unemployment for minorities, a brighter future for our kids.

Democrats plan to abolish the Trump tax cuts, raising your taxes and taking money from your family. They want open borders and to abolish ICE, flooding this country with more illegal aliens. In some places dominated by Democrats, illegal aliens are allowed to vote!

Insane! Democrats tell us their future lies with people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; her vision is not Thomas Jefferson, it’s Karl Marx. End Democrat lawlessness — our laws should apply to everyone equally. Save our country and vote Republican this November.

Tim Inwood


Clinton County Republican Party