It’s time for ‘another’ special prosecutor

We have seen the Mueller Gang string out the so called Investigation now for nearly two years…with no there there so far as the POTUS is concerned and the Assistant ATG has indicated so as well. But apparently Mr. Mueller has to “come up with something” to support his monumental cost to the tax payers… he is after (with his wide range of authority given to him by the Assistant ATG…vs…the original charter relating to corruption and conspiracy) anything to justify his witch hunt! Now it’s tax fraud and income tax evasion…normally a charge handled by guess who…the I.R.S. With all of the allegations and findings supporting a very high level of bias on the part of many individuals on the left who support almost any means to remove our action oriented/achieving POTUS, one might conclude a 2nd Special Investigation is in order. This of course includes several high ranking federal officials in the FBI, with several being demoted or released from the FBI already…perhaps more to come.

And perhaps we should “really look into” the facts surrounding the Hillary Rodham Clinton “questionable activities” pertaining to the 2016 Presidential Election…and there are many as expressed in James Comey’s testimony to Congress. Use of a private server to conduct some level of government business (which was likely hacked) and Mr. Comey’s comment originally that she was “grossly negligent here – which was later “adjusted by some DOJ or Clinton aides to “extremely careless”…but the two standards of law apparently continue…one for the Clinton organization and one for the rest of us! If we should initiate such a Special Prosecutor investigation laying out the facts and seeking the truth in such an investigation, I am betting it would take a lot less time to conclude guilt and recommend punishments than it is taking for Mr. Mueller and his gang to reach a conclusion. Indicting Russians would hardly be a meaningful finding and one that would not likely come to any real fruition.

Attorney General Sessions, please do what you were appointed to do……I’d start with a second special prosecutor appointment to check out the Clinton organization and any other high level negative bias within the government directed at our POTUS in an effort to delegitimize his election in 2016. It would seem that there is plenty “there there” in this case.

George Cook