Nominee derailment part of left’s playbook?

Just days before the Senate vote on the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Democrats through Diane Feinstein releases a letter alleging that some 35+ years ago (at the age of 17) Justice Kavanaugh committed a sexually related crime against then a 15 year-old Christine Blassey Ford (her actual name later released ). Ms. Ford is a professor of clinical psychology at Palo Alto University in where else but California! She has been interviewed by who else but the Washington Post, certainly a Democrat supporter. She allegedly has taken a polygraph test to confirm her belated allegations but I don’t believe this has been confirmed yet? She is a registered Democrat (surprise) and has contributed to the Democratic Party. She has formerly taught at Stanford University and has written on the topic of child abuse. It does seem a little odd that if this actually taken place, which Justice Kavanaugh has categorically denied … it seems rather odd that she has waited some 35+years to step forward with her questionable allegation! If this reminds you of a previous move by the Democrat party to derail the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Thomas involving an individual named Anita Hill … you probably remember correctly! And that was an absolute sham … is this type of derailment action actually a strategy/tactic in the Democrat’s playbook? Certainly seems possible since this is the 2nd time it has been tried. It would seem that the Democrat Party is willing to do almost anything to delay/forestall/throw out the potential vote on the confirmation hearing of Justice Kavanaugh … Is it because they might fear that he might rule against one of their beliefs/policies/issues at some point in time … probably. Will the left ever stop drumming up false, at least very questionable negative allegations against our president who is delivering on his campaign promises? One would have to say “very pathetic.” But then we have to ask, “How low can the left go!”

George R Cook