Have Gateway repeal reading and vote

Open letter To Wilmington Mayor and City Council:

Some influential and evidently powerful people can declare a crisis. They decided there was a crisis and set about “fixing” it using City Government, including the Clinton County Regional Planning Commission, and affiliated cronies to change the rules of the game.

Gateway took a beating at the polls. We tried to tell you, Mr. Mayor and Council, this was wrong and, less two Council Members, you refused to listen. You made us go to referendum. Now the public has told you it is wrong — 75 percent against. Citizens see the power grab embedded in the original ordinance, a copy was provided to them, in a mailer, by their neighbors. Fellow citizens asked for help and received it. They would not want it done to them and they are not going to let you do it to others.

Don’t try to salvage any of this Gateway. Do not offer up any compromises — not one. No deal making, front or backroom. Have the repeal reading and vote. The public wants to see who votes it up or down. We all want to see who “is their own man” and who is a puppet. Let the free market work. Handle this just like you handled us those nights you voted to pass the map. Repeal the Gateway, you know, with determination, and urgency. Don’t drag your feet or spend one minute fretting over what details and “key” elements you want or were instructed to preserve. Who exactly are all of you beholden to?

Repeal the ordinance. What is the purpose of continued consternation and debate over this unpopular statute? It is still on the books and those that conceived it and those married to it will be tempted. Be a public servant. Do exactly what you would have done if the vote had been reversed. Be consistent.

Or… bring it back again. Repackage it, new and shiny, or even a little bit of it. Try stealing, with the pen, property rights again. We will do our best to bring the fight right back. We may fail but we will not stand by silently while this small town tyranny goes on. Leave zoning alone. Enough time and tax dollars have been expended on this. Refocus your energy and resources towards more relevant problems inherent to the City of Wilmington.

Vince Holmes