Help children and strengthen families

I have heard their cries, assessed their bruises and injuries, placed the phone calls to Clinton County Children Protective Services, watched them be torn from their homes, assisted them in navigating to a stranger’s homes, watched as they tried to assimilate into their new schools, listened to their stories of abuse, neglect and the horrifying events they have lived through such as witnessing deaths from overdoses, drug deals, physical abuse, sexual abuse and more …

Clinton County children are suffering. They are forced to endure the consequences of the actions that adults have made. The mental and emotional toll that these children have endured affects the entire community. We must not ignore their situation; we cannot turn a blind eye to this ever-growing population of children who deserve so much better!

I have worked closely with the amazing staff at CCJ&F Child Protection Unit. They are an incredible group of kind, caring professionals who do an outstanding job to protect our children. They work long hours, witness horrific sights, and make home visits to deplorable residences. They often are underpaid and under appreciated, yet they continue to provide excellent services while being fiscally diligent. Their funding has decreased significantly while their caseloads have increased dramatically due to the opioid crisis in our county.

We need your help! Strong communities support and strengthen families!

Invest in Clinton County by investing in our future, our kids. Please help them continue to keep kids safe by voting “yes” on Nov. 6!

Cindy Stenger


Clinton-Massie Local Schools Nurse