No, we aren’t ‘Better Than This’

No. Right now we aren’t “Better Than This.”

Last week began with the discovery of a pipe bomb sent to the home of George Soros, a Jewish Holocaust survivor who is deeply moved by the global refugee crises we now experience. Fourteen pipe bombs to 12 prominent critics of the president and his policies led to the arrest of a radicalized Trump fanatic. As these events unfolded, a white supremacist walked into a Kroger store and executed two black shoppers who were shopping there. And the week ended with an anti-semitic, anti-immigration fanatic entering The Tree of Life Synagogue, murdering 11 and wounding six others, in a frenzied anti-Jewish, anti-immigration rant. Among the deceased, a Jewish Holocaust survivor.

All three of these events, and others we haven’t heard of, qualify as hate crimes, as they were all inspired by hate toward the targeted group – Democrats, Jews, Blacks, and pro-immigration groups.

We hear calls to “unity” in the middle of the terrifying reality that the current power structures only stay in power by keeping us dis-united.

We hear the plea that we “Are Better Than This.” So far, we aren’t.

It’s time to realize that this election cycle is much more than a referendum on our “nationalist,” venom-spewing president. This election is now a referendum on all of us. Can we rise above who we are right now.? How will our votes reflect who we actually want to be?

Rev. Elaine Silverstrim


Episcopal priest, retired