Cordray best choice for Ohio governor

Groups desperate to win are running blatant lies in TV ads. The truth is Richard Cordray has always stood up for working people. He saved thousands of homes from foreclosure as State Treasurer. As Attorney General, he recovered $2 billion for taxpayers from Wall Street. He had rape kits sent from county law enforcement agencies to Columbus. As he left office the state lab was almost completed for testing of the kits. As Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, he recovered $12 billion for people being cheated.

The two governor candidates, Cordray and DeWine, could not be more different. DeWine ignored the ECOT scandal that stole millions of dollars from public schools, he sued to block the Affordable Care Act and roll back protections for pre-existing conditions, and he allowed the drug crisis to escalate the past eight years as Attorney General.

Cordray is the only candidate for governor who promises to restore the local government fund and deliver the money our villages and schools desperately need, so we don’t have to continually put tax levies on the ballot. Rich will work to cut healthcare costs and make sure no one loses coverage because of pre-existing conditions. Rich will fight the opioid crises, improve public education, keep our streets safe, our roads paved, our libraries open and our water clean. We need an honest, hard-working, smart governor who will keep his promises and put people and their families first ahead of special interests.

Ann Reno