Clinton-Massie students deserve support

In the 15 years since Clinton-Massie last passed a levy, over 50 levies and renewals have passed for neighboring districts in Clinton and Warren counties. It’s remarkable to consider all that Massie has accomplished for its students and their families in that time without having to seek additional funding.

As a proud graduate, I fear for the future of my alma mater. To consider that the arts, among many things, will have to suffer without additional funding is truly disturbing. The music program at Clinton-Massie High School set me on a path filled with constant inquiry and creativity. More than other subjects, the arts revealed my values and my passion. They are responsible for leading me on a deeply fulfilling professional journey.

Now as the Artistic Producer at the American Repertory Theater at Harvard University, I’ve had the privilege of producing powerful work that inspires conversation and debate. Many of my classmates are now doctors, lawyers, teachers – leaders in our communities who can point to the arts as an important piece of their cognitive lives.

It cannot be denied that the arts are an essential piece of a well-rounded education, with endless studies showing their deep connection to enhanced critical thinking. Please vote “yes” to pass this essential levy and protect quality public education. I’ll be sure to do my part and donate to the Clinton-Massie Band Boosters each year in support of a program that is key to the success of all Clinton-Massie students.

Mark Lunsford

Cambridge, Mass.