A look at SBAAC football, recaps, leaders, playoffs

By Mark Huber - mhuber@wnewsj.com

Here is an overview of the SBAAC, including a recap of last week’s game, season leaders and a playoff outlook.


Bethel-Tate 43, Clermont NE 14: Mikey Molloy went for 150 yards and a touchdown. Cameron Snider passes for 177 yards and four scores, two of those to Wyatt Burton. Caleb Lanigan led in tackles with 7 while Nick Owens had 6 and an interception. CNE’s Jake Mott had 101 yards and 2 TDs on the ground. Carter Corey had 7 solo tackles for CNE.

East Clinton 35 Fayetteville 27: EC’s ground game overcome the Rockets passing attack. A trio of FHS players had over 100 yards receiving as Levi Wiederhold threw for 425 yards and 4 scores. Jared Smith (116) and Isaiah Conger (124) led a strong ground game for EC. Tanner Fleming had 15 tackles for FHS while Brody Fisher was in on 8 and had an interception for EC.

Blanchester 49 Williamsburg 13: Adam Frump had 119 yards and 3 TDs on the ground and completed all 3 of his passes. Dameon Williams had an 85-yard kickoff return for touchdown while Michael Mulvihill was credited with 15 tackles.

Clinton-Massie 42 Western Brown 35: Drew Novak was amazing with 370 yards and 5 TDs passing. Matthew Frye had an 8-124-2 receiving line. Dane Tomlin had 10 tackles. Blake Ireland was in on 13 tackles for the Falcons. Carson Vanhoose had 160 yards, 2 TDs rushing while Carter Frank scored 3 times and gained 96 yards. Colton Trampler had 113 yards and a TD. CM total 414 yards on 53 rushes.

New Richmond 54 Batavia 12: AJ Metzger had 3 passing TDs and Bo Snider ran for 3 scores for the Lions. Matthew Duty led with 8 tackles.

Wilmington 45 Goshen 7: The WHS defense was strong with Jeff Valentine, Kaison Dodge and Darrick Perdue leading the way. The Hurricane rushed for 291 yards with Thad Stuckey getting 139 of those. Josh Snell had 2 TDs runs and Cameron McEvoy passed for 175 yards and 2 more scorse. Isaiah Rigling’s big-play ability was on display with a 5-109-1 receiving line.


PASSING: Drew Novak, WB, 2874; Levi Wiederhold, Fay, 2290; Cam Snider, BT, 1156

RUSHING: Trystan Gries, Wbg, 158.4; Mikey Molloy, BT, 140.8; Carson Vanhoose, CM, 125.7; Trent Bocks, Wbg, 105.7; Thad Stuckey, WIL, 94.7; Bo Snider, NR, 90.8; Isaiah Conger, EC, 90.7; Jared Smith, EC 87.7

TOUCHDOWNS: Jayden Bradshaw, Fay, 13; Trystan Gries, Wbg, 13; Drew Novak, WB, 11; Carter Frank, CM, 10; Carson Vanhoose, CM, 10; Damion Kistler, Fay, 10; Wyatt Burton, BT, 10.

RECEIVING: Logan Campbell 110.3; Jayden Bradshaw, Fay, 106.1; Dylan Novak, WB, 98.3; Damion Kistler, Fay, 87.6

TACKLES: Tanner Fleming, Fay, 92; Norman Darnell, BT, 61; Tyler Tipis, Fay, 58; Jack Moore, NR, 53; Mason Thomas, Wbg, 50; Brody Fisher, EC, 47

SACKS: Tanner Fleming, Fay, 10; Tyler Sininger, NR, 8; Norman Darnell, BT, 7; Jaden Singleton, EC, 5.5

INTERCEPTIONS: Quentin Collins, WB, 4; Ashton Wolfe, BT, 4; Damion Kistler, Fay, 3; Mike Brown, WIL, 3; Kody Zantene, CM, 3; Brody Fisher, EC, 3

FUMBLES: Carter Corey, CNE, 2; Tanner Fleming, Fay, 2; Quentin Collins, WB, 2; Grant Brown, CNE, 2; Jake Mott, CNE, 2; Logan Kingus, Fay, 2; Isaiah Conger, EC 2; Jeffrey Valentine, WIL, 2; AJ Attinger, Fay, 2

KICK SCORING: Evan Grimes, WB, 37xp; Ean McGuinness, CM, 31xp 1fg; Parker Henry, WIL, 27xp, 1fg

PUNTS: Tracker Newberry, Gos, 42.0; Jared Smith, EC, 40.5; Trystan Gries, Wbg, 40.0; Keegan Lamb, CM, 39.3; Parker Henry, WIL, 36.8


The top 16 teams in each region advance to the post-season. Here is an unofficial look at each SBAAC team.

DIV3 REGION11: Western Brown is second behind unbeaten Granville. The Broncos could have made a major jump by beating Clinton-Massie last week.

As it is, WB appears in good shape for a first round home game and maybe two.

Wilmington is 22nd and will need to score an upset over either Western Brown or Clinton-Massie in the final two weeks to make the playoffs.

DIV3 REGION 12: New Richmond is 21st and Goshen is 27. Both teams on the outside looking in for the post-season at this time.

DIV4 REGION16: Clinton-Massie is fifth, Bethel-Tate sixth and Batavia 22nd. The Falcons and Tigers should be in no problem, but seeding is important. Both need to win-out to secure a home game in the opener. Massie could really move up with Western Brown wins out.

DIV5 REGION20: Williamsburg is 12th, East Clinton 14th, Blanchester 15th, Clermont Northeastern 19th. If any of the three win their final three, they are in. WHS and BHS both have Bethel-Tate. A win there and the Wildcat teams jump up. Unfortunately for the county, the BHS-EC game in Week 10 may be for one post-season berth.

DIV7 REGION 28: Fayetteville is ninth. For their sake, wins the next two weeks might alleviate a must-win game in Week 10 against Bethel-Tate.


By Mark Huber


Reach Mark Huber at 937-556-5765, via email mhuber@wnewsj.com or on Twitter @wnjsports

Reach Mark Huber at 937-556-5765, via email mhuber@wnewsj.com or on Twitter @wnjsports