Jones wins first singles at Wilmington Invitational

WILMINGTON — Alex Jones of Clinton-Massie won the first singles championship Saturday at the Wilmington Invitational tennis tournament.

Greenville was the overall team champion with Little Miami the runnerup. Clinton-Massie finished fourth and Wilmington was sixth.

“I can honestly say I don’t remember a better group of players in terms of how polite everyone was and the sportsmanship,” WHS head coach Steve Reed said. “And we were shocked at how clean everything was left.”

Jones breezed through two matches to win the first singles title. He is 9-0 on the year.

Braydon Green and Connor Stulz were runnersup for the Falcons at first doubles.

Wilmington’s best finish came at third singles where Ian Dalton, a doubles player for the Hurricane, finished third at third singles.


April 23, 2022

Wilmington Invitational

@WHS courts

Team scores

Greenville 38, Little Miami 29, Centerville 28, Clinton-Massie 25, Seven Hills 23, Wilmington 20, Springfield 17

First Singles

1-Alex Jones (CM) def Marchal (Gr) 6-1, 6-2; def Paddock (LM) 6-2, 6-0. Finished first

1-Alex Lazic (Wil) def Vij (7H) 8-0; was def by Paddock (LM); was def by Marchal (Gr). Finished fourth.

Second Singles

1-Josh Holmes (Wil) was def by Abell (Gr) 8-0; def Anderson (CM) 8-0. Finished fifth

1-Jack Anderson (CM) was def by Dooley (Spr) 8-3; de Dunson (7H) 8-4; was def by Holmes (Wil) 0-8. Finished sixth

Third Singles

1-Smith (CM) was def by Turner (Cen) 2-8; won by forfeit; was def by Poole (LM) 5-8. Finished sixth.

1-Ian Dalton (Wil) def Little Miami 8-2; was def by Zhao (7H) 3-6, 2-6; def Turner (Cen) 8-4. Finished third

First Doubles

1-Braydon Green, Conner Stulz (CM) def Fudge, Collins (Wil) 8-3; def Middlestetter, Reed (Gr) 6-1, 7-5; were def by Cooper, Williams (LM) 0-6, 2-6. Finished second.

1-Asher Fudge, Steven Collins (Wil) were def by Green, Stulz (CM) 3-8; were def by Chunduri, DeWitt (7H) 4-8. Finished sixth.

Second Doubles

1-Patel, Javier Becerril (Wil) were def by Li, Nold (Cen) 4-8. Finished seventh

1-Avden Faucett, Shayne Hendricks (CM) were def by Anning, Allemani (7H) 4-; were def by Paddock, Metz (LM) 6-8. Finished sixth.