WHS holds off record-setting Astros to win Wightman crown

Lady Hurricane holds off Lady Astros to win Wightman crown

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The girls 4x200-meter relay | Photo by Sarah Sodini

The girls 4x200-meter relay | Photo by Sarah Sodini

Lauren Runyon | Photo by Sarah Sodini

Timmi Mahanes | Photo by Sarah Sodini

LEES CREEK — The Wilmington High School girls track and field team held off East Clinton Tuesday to win the Brett Wightman Invitational at East Clinton High School.

The Lady Hurricane had 123 points while the Lady Astros finished with 105. Clinton-Massie was fourth and Blanchester finished sixth.

East Clinton set two meet records in its runnerup finish.

The 4×800-meter relay team of Molly Seabaugh, Kaylyn Deaton, Jordan Collom and Carah Anteck ran 11:01.16 to establish a new meet best time.

Libby Evanshine cleared 4-10 to match the previous record of Clinton-Massie’s Mandy Duncan who also cleared 4-10 in 2015.

Ainsley Whitaker of Blanchester picked up a victory in the discus, posting an 85-11 effort to finish on top.

Clinton-Massie won the 4×200-meter relay with Leah Binau, Kylee Lamb, Morgan Riggers and Madi Bayless clocking a 1:59.18, nipping a hard-charging WHS quartet by less than half a second. Binau, Bayless, Riggers and Lamb then went 55.69 to win the 4×100-meter relay in a photo finish with East Clinton.

Anteck, who earned the coveted Brett Wightman Award for ECHS seniors, won the 1,600-meter run.

Taliah Billingsley breezed through the 100-meter hurdles to win by nearly a second with a time of 17.76. She then came back in a tight race to win the 300-meter hurdles in 53.39 seconds.

Teammate Sophie Huffman won the 800-meter run and teamed with Sydney McCord, Hannah Scott and Vicky Missel to win the meet’s final event, the 4×400-meter relay in 4:37.83.

Lydia Kessler of Whiteoak established two new meet records on her own, winning the long jump at 14-11 and the 400-meter dash in 61.51 seconds.


April 26, 2022

Brett Wightman Invitational

@East Clinton High School

Girls Results

Results include Top 6 in each event plus other county finishers, according to the website Mile Split.

TEAM SCORES: Wilmington 123 East Clinton 105 Leesburg Fairfield 95 Clinton-Massie 61 Whiteoak 60 Blanchester 38

4×800 RELAY: East Clinton (Molly Seabaugh, Kaylyn Deaton, Jordan Collom, Carah Anteck) 11:01.16; Wilmington (Ava Hester, Hannah Scott, Vicky Missel, Sophie Huffman) 11:21.41; Fairfield 11:56.48; Clinton-Massie (Dakota Cartner, Gracie Wallen, Anna Jones, Kaylene Gale) 12:50.9; Blanchester (Courtney Gilbert, Gracie Kaehler, Aubrey Geary, Haylie Strider) 14:26.73

100 HURDLES: Taliah Billingsley (Wil) 17.76; Teeters (Fair) 18.56; Aubrey Stevens (Bl) 19.32; Kenton Deaton (EC) 19.34; Kaylee Ramsey (CM) 19.52; Newton (WO) 19.7. ALSO, Kenzie Voges-Pertuset (Wil) 19.99, Addison Swope (CM) 20.14, Kelsi Lilly (EC) 20.57

100 DASH: Kittner (WO) 13.15; Campbell (Fair) 14.15; Destyne Turner (Wil) 14.39; Madi Bayless (CM) 14.39; Kylee Lamb (CM) 14.48; Hadlie Clark (EC) 14.84; ALSO, Makayla Thomason (EC) 15.97; Rylie Taylor (Bl) 16.15

4×200 RELAY: Clinton-Massie (Leah Binau, Kylee Lamb, Morgan Riggers, Madi Bayless) 1:59.18; Wilmington (Sydney McCord, Makenna Tolliver, Reyes Lobato Lago-Bergon, Taliah Billingsley) 1:59.66; Fairfield 2:00.56; East Clinton (Kenton Deaton, Lauren Runyon, Hadlie Clark, Libby Evanshine) 2:01.2; Whiteoak 2:06.74; Blanchester (Jazzalynn Miller, Annalee Miller-Steffen, Morgyn Coyle, Ainsley Whitaker) 2:09.48

1600 RUN: Carah Anteck (EC) 6:01.86; Kennedy Moore (Wil) 6:14.24; Kaylyn Deaton (EC) 6:29.29; Zink (Fair) 6:30.77; Ava Hester (Wil) 6:32.48; Hannah Scott (Wil) 6:55.22; ALSO, Dakota Cartner (CM) 6:59.97, Elizabeth Mason (CM) 8:13.73

4×100 RELAY: Clinton-Massie (Leah Binau, Madi Bayless, Morgan Riggers, Kylee Lamb) 55.69; East Clinton (Jordan Collom, Lauren Runyon, Kenton Deaton, Libby Evanshine) 55.79; Wilmington (Sophie Huffman, Makenna Tolliver, Taliah Billingsley, Sophie Huffman) 56.23; Fairfield 56.95; Whiteoak 57.69; Blanchester (Aubrey Stevens, Jazzalynn Miller, Chloe Paulson, Emma Winemiller) 58.33

400 DASH: Kittner (WO) 61.51; Sydney McCord (Wil) 66.45; Haines (Fair) 67.25; Chloe Paulson (Bl) 69.69; Madison Schuster (Wil) 69.9; Hadlie Clark (EC) 70.95; ALSO, Hannah Bowman (CM) 71.88; Morgyn Coyle (Bl) 72.45; Vada Nesbit (CM) 79.21

300 HURDLES: Taliah Billingsley (Wil) 53.39; Teeters (Fair) 53.8; Newton (WO) 54.88; Jordan Collom (EC) 55.32; Tolle (Fair) 55.34; Kaylee Ramsey (CM) 56.08; ALSO, Aubrey Stevens (Bl) 57.44; Kenzie Voges-Pertuset 58.98; Addison Swope (CM) 59.07

800 RUN: Sophie Huffman (Wil) 2:38.84; Molly Seabaugh (EC) 2:42.61; Chloe Paulson (Bl) 2:50.35; Gracie Wallen (CM) 2:54.72; Trent (Fair) 2:55.6; Kennedy (WO) 2:56.23; ALSO, Ava Hester (Wil) 2:56.69; Kaylyn Deaton (EC) 3:02.07; Jazzalynn Miller (Bl) 3:08.61; Kaylene Gale (CM) 3:15.0

200 DASH: Kittner (WO) 27.69; Libby Evanshine (EC) 29.24; Campbell (Fair) 29.29; Morgan Riggers (CM) 30.33; Madi Bayless (CM) 30.37; Bellamy (Fair) 31.48; ALSO, Ainsley Whitaker (Bl) 31.6; Reyes Lobato Lago-Bergon (Wil) 32.1; Brynn Tippett (Wil) 32.25; Annalee Miller-Steffen (Bl) 34.52; Kelsi Lilly (EC) 35.15

3200 RUN: Carah Anteck (EC) 12:36.47; Kennedy Moore (Wil) 13:24.49

4×400 RELAY: Wilmington (Sydney McCord, Hannah Scott, Vicky Missel, Sophie Huffman) 4:37.83; East Clinton (Jordan Collom, Molly Seabaugh, Hadlie Clark, Lauren Runyon) 4:39.2; Fairfield 4:46.08; Whiteoak 4:59.88; Clinton-Massie (Hannah Bowman, Kylee Lamb, Vada Nesbit, Kaylee Ramsey) 5:02.48; Blanchester (Aubrey Stevens, Morgyn Coyle, Kerrigan Sullivan, Chloe Paulson) 5:08.46

SHOT PUT: Priest (Fair) 32-11; KeAsia Robinson (Wil) 28-9.5; Mackenzie Peters (CM) 28-0; Cox (Fair) 27-1; Ainsley Whitaker (Bl) 26-7.5; Taija Walker (Wil) 25-4.25; Timmi Mahanes (EC) 25-0.75; ALSO, Aidynne Tippett (Wil) 24-5; Chloe Filipkowski (CM) 23-11.5; Cadence Howard (EC) 22-11.75; Alice Clair (Wil) 21-11.5; Liz Allen (Wil) 20-9.75; Courtney Gilbert (Bl) 18-7; Oliva Thesken (CM) 13-2.5

DISCUS: Ainsley Whitaker (Bl) 85-11; Jenna Hanlon (CM) 80-3.75; Hodson (Fair) 76-4.5; KeAsia Robinson (Wil) 75-5; Chloe Scott (EC) 71-1; Aidynne Tippett (Wil) 68-2; ALSO, Taija Walker (Wil) 64-3; Timma Mahanes (EC) 63-3.75; Alice Clair (Wil) 60-3; Cadence Howard (EC) 57-5.5 Kinsey Beam (CM) 55-5; Layla Schurman (CM) 50-9.5; Courtney Gilbert (Bl) 40.11.75; Emily Bates (Wil) 40-6; Olivia Thesken (CM) 30-2

LONG JUMP: Kittner (WO) 14-11; Kenton Deaton (EC) 14-2.5; Chloe Sutton (Wil) 13-5.25; Phillips (WO) 13-3.25; Jaida Jones (Bl) 12-10; Lopez (WO) 12-7; ALSO, Vicky Missel (Wil_12-3.25; Vada Nesbit (CM) 12-2.5; Morgyn Coyle (Bl) 11-8; Kelsi Lilly (EC) 11-2; Addison Swope (CM) 11-0.5; Brelee Addington (CM) 10-6.5; Katie Scott (EC) 6-10.5

HIGH JUMP: Libby Evanshine (EC) 4-10; Haines (Fair) 4-8; Madison Schuster (Wil) 4-8; Emma Winemiller (Bl) 4-6; Lauren Runyon (EC) 4-6; Ava Lemaster (CM) 4-4

The girls 4×200-meter relay | Photo by Sarah Sodini
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2022/04/web1_TRF_ecLibbyEvanshine0426ss.jpgThe girls 4×200-meter relay | Photo by Sarah Sodini

Lauren Runyon | Photo by Sarah Sodini
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2022/04/web1_TRF_ecLRunyon0426ss.jpgLauren Runyon | Photo by Sarah Sodini

Timmi Mahanes | Photo by Sarah Sodini
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2022/04/web1_TRF_ecTimmiMahanes0426ss.jpgTimmi Mahanes | Photo by Sarah Sodini
Lady Hurricane holds off Lady Astros to win Wightman crown

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