EC 4th, Blan 5th in National Division girls meet

SBAAC Track, Field Championship

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Molly Seabaugh

Molly Seabaugh

Jazzalynn Miller

NEW RICHMOND — Bethel-Tate ended Williamsburg’s two-year run as champion Wednesday in the SBAAC National Division girls track and field championship at New Richmond.

East Clinton was fourth overall with Blanchester placing fifth in the team standings.

The meet was contested Monday and Wednesday.

On Wednesday, neither East Clinton or Blanchesteer had a first-place finisher.

The Astros were runnersup in the 4×400-meter relay with Jordan Collom, Molly Seabaugh, Hadlie Clark and Lauren Runyon touring the NR oval. Collom earned an individual second place in the 300-meter hurdles. Carah Anteck ran second in the 1,600-meters, finishing .44 of a second behind the winner.

Chloe Paulson of Blanchester was second in the open 400, narrowly missing the top spot by o.58 of a second.


May 11, 2022

SBAAC Track and Field Championship

National Division Girls

FINAL SCORES: Bethel-Tate 148, Williamsburg 137, Georgetown 91, East Clinton 80, Blanchester 50, Clermont NE 46, Felicity 15

100 HURDLES: Tabbi Courts (BT) 17.79; Maggie Carver (Wbg) 18.45; Aubrey Stevens (Bl) 18.84; Kenton Deaton (EC) 19.47; Isabella Insko (Geo) 19.61; Jaida Jones (Bl) 19.63; Also Kelsi Lilly (EC) 20.94

100 DASH: Izzy Stidham (Wbg) 13.05; Hayden Shields (BT) 13.17; Anna Best (CNE) 13.31; Lilly Webb (BT) 13.5; Ariel Riddle (Geo) 13.86; Jaida Jones (Bl) 13.99; Also, Hadlie Clark (EC) 14.67

4×200 RELAY: Georgetown 1:55.55; Williamsburg 1:59.47; Bethel-Tate 2:00.6; Blanchester (Annalee Miller-Steffen, Jazzalynn Miller, Ainsley Whitaker, Chloe Paulson) 2:04.81; Clermont NE 2:09.73; Felicity 2:10.85

1600 RUN: Kaitlyn Gregory (Wbg) 5:35.5; Carah Anteck (EC) 5:35.94; Savannah Faught (Geo) 5:36.93; Ellie Breitenstein (CNE) 5:57.81; Brady Sterbling (BT) 6:04.84; Emma Vanhook (BT) 6:07.71; Kaylyn Deaton (EC) 6:35.71; Lucy Sullivan (CNE) 6:52.2

4×100 RELAY: Williamsburg 53.31; Bethel-Tate 53.5; Clermont NE 55.55; East Clinton (Jordan Collom, Lauren Runyon, Kenton Deaton, Libby Evanshine) 55.9; Georgetown 56.19; Blanchester (Aubrey Stevens, Jazzalynn Miller, Rylie Taylor, Jaida Jones) 57.76; Felicity 58.27

400 DASH: Setty (BT) 65.11; Chloe Paulson (Bl) 65.69; Pinger (F) 67.45; Sterbling (BT) 68.63; Hadlie Clark (EC) 69.34; Doss (Wbg) 69.46; Lauren Runyon (EC) 69.66; Patterson (CNE) 72.56

300 HURDLES: Courts (BT) 51.02; Jordan Collom (EC) 54.22; Aubrey Stevens (Bl) 54.9; Carver (Wbg) 56.99; Kellerman (Wbg) 61.44; Pride (CNE) 68.31; Pennington (CNE) 72.13

800 RUN: Gregory (Wbg) 2:31.3; Cahall (Geo) 2:31.3; Molly Seabaugh (EC) 2:35.19; Carah Anteck (EC) 2:35.76; Vanhook (BT) 2:41.33; Pinger (F) 2:46.44; Setty (BT) 2:46.72; Chloe Paulson (Bl) 2:48.42

3200 RUN: Faught (Geo) 12:19.08; Sterbling (BT) 12:33.97; Carah Anteck (EC) 12:56.34; Gregory (Wbg) 13:01.43; Pinger (F) 15:23.06; Ellis (Wbg) 15:42.32; Schnarrenber (F) 16:34.04

4×400 RELAY: Bethel-Tate 4:26.92; East Clinton (Jordan Collom, Molly Seabaugh, Hadlie Clark, Lauren Runyon) 4:37.0; Georgetown 4:48.41; Williamsburg 4:51.61; Blanchester (Aubrey Stevens, Jazzalynn Miller, Rylie Taylor, Chloe Paulson) 5:19.95; Clermont NE 5:49.74

Molly Seabaugh Seabaugh

Jazzalynn Miller Miller
SBAAC Track, Field Championship

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