WHS tennis fourth at Hurricane Invitational

WILMINGTON — The Wilmington High School girls tennis team finished fourth Saturday at the Hurricane Invitational on the WHS courts.

Kings won the tournament with Harrison second and Little Miami third.

“Everyone in the lineup showed improvement,” said WHS head coach Doug Cooper. “We are in rebuilding mode and that takes time, patience, and hard work. Fortunately for me, I’ve got players who work hard and are very coachable. We still have lots of work to do, but I’m happy with how it is going.

“Now it’s time to step up and become more competitive in league play.”

Chandni Sharma was the top WHS finisher, placing third at first singles.

“Her mental game helped her through (the tournament),” Cooper said. “(The tournament) was a good day for us, especially our doubles teams.”

Cary Holliday and Bailey Wheeler were fifth at first doubles while Katelynn Totten and Sofia Castillo were fifth at second doubles.

“It was good to see Cary and Bailey get a couple of wins,” said Cooper. “Katelynn and Sofia are showing real improvement in their play.”

Layna Holmes was fourth at second singles and Reagan Henry was fourth at third singles.


Aug 27, 2022

Hurricane Invitational


Kings 43 Harrison 35 Little Miami 25 Wilmington 24 Miami Trace 23 Stivers 16 Georgetown 13 Hillsboro 3


1st Singles: Chandni Sharma def Allie Crago (Hills) 8-3 was def by Anna Borcher (Har) 6-8; def Brooklyn Riggs (MT) 8-4. Finished third.

2nd Singles: Layna Holmes won by forfeit; was def by Ava Harris (K) 1-8; was def by Ryleigh Crew (Harr) 4-8. Finished fourth.

3rd Singles: Reagan Henry won by forfeit; was def by Zoe Lenney (K) 1-8; was def by Caitlin Davis (MT) 1-8. Finished fourth.

1st Doubles: Cary Holliday, Bailey Wheeler were def by Gray, McCan (Geo) 6-8; def Pepper, Pettit (MT) 8-3; def Hudson, Jackson (St) 8-0. Finished fifth.

2nd Doubles: Katelynn Totten, Sofia Castillo were def by Houllion, Panno (LM) def O’Coner, Holland (Geo) 8-4; def Musser, Frye (MT) 8-6. Finished fifth.