Experienced Kings crown Hurricane on WHS courts

WILMINGTON — A senior-laden Kings team defeated Wilmington 5-0 Wednesday in non-league tennis action on the WHS courts.

The Hurricane, 1-7 on the year, played tough on several courts. None of the matches were straight set losses.

“With Kings starting six seniors, experience was a big factor,” WHS coach Doug Cooper said. “Kings always brings good tennis. Layna (Holmes) and Reagan (Henry) found their footing in the second set but Kings was able to close out both matches. Those are situations we need to be in and learn from.”


Sept 7, 2022

@Wilmington High School

Kings 5, Wilmington 0


1: Chandni Sharma was def by L. Astacio 4-6, 0-6

2: Layna Holmes was def by A. Harris 1-6, 4-6

3: Reagan Henry was def by K. Tukkey 3-6, 5-7


1: Cary Holliday, Bailey Wheeler were def by S. Miller, Z. Lenney 3-6, 1-6

2: Katelynn Totten, Sofia Castillo were def by A. Gostel, M. Mohammed 2-6, 1-6