WHS tennis drops pair on spring break trip

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Though the losses won’t feel good now, the competition will pay off in the long run for the Wilmington High School tennis team.

The Hurricane lost two matches in Tennessee during a spring break trip to the Ensworth Academy. WHS was defeated by Ensworth 6-1 on Tuesday and by Ravenwood 7-0 on Monday. Both matches were played at the Ensworth Academy.

“Ensworth Academy is one of Nashville’s finest tennis program and, hands down, the nicest high school tennis facility in the country,” WHS coach Steve Reed said. “It was a blessing having them host us this week. We had a competitive match and it came down to the wire on several courts.

“Jack Romer played some of his best tennis (Tuesday) in his loss against an amazing opponent. Caleb (Reed) is surging right now and beat a quality player at five singles. Avery (Bradshaw) and Brady (Henry) dominated in their doubles match. All players competed much better (Tuesday). It’s been an amazing trip and playing some of Nashville’s top teams should help prepare us for league play that starts Thursday at Western Brown. A special thanks from our players to the parents and WCS administration for supporting us on this first ever spring break trip.”

On Monday, WHS matched up with Ravenwood, the defending big-school state champions in the Volunteer State.

“Despite losing several players they remain one of Nashville’s top teams,” Reed said. “Brayden, Avery, and Jonathan’s scores don’t reflect how well they played against really high level opponents. It took us a while to get adjusted to the no ad scoring and the playing conditions. Caleb and Brady battled tough on the bottom singles courts but fell just short. Caleb and Jacob came together for a well earned doubles win.”


March 26 2019

@Nashville Tenn

Ensworth Academy 6 Wilmington 1


• Brayden Rhoads was def by Firestone 0-8

• Avery Bradshaw was def by Frumpkin 0-8

• Jonathan Fender was def by Daouk 1-8

• Jack Romer was def by Morrow 4-8

• Caleb Reed defeated Johnson 8-3

• Brady Henry was def by Sifford 8-9 (4)


• Caleb Reed, Jonathan Fender were def by Firestone, Frumpkin 0-8

• Jack Romer, Brayden Rhoads were def by Daouk, Morrow 5-8

• Avery Bradshaw, Brady Henry defeated Johnson, Sifford 8-1

March 25 2019

@Ensworth Academy

Ravenwood 7 Wilmington 0


• Brayden Rhoads was def by Stone 0-6, 0-6

• Avery Bradshaw was def by Eisanhauer 1-6, 1-6

• Jonathan Fender was def by Eastham 3-6, 1-6

• Jack Romer was def by Wright 2-6, 4-6

• Caleb Reed was def by Vo 2-6, 7-6 (9-7), 4-10

• Brady Henry was def by Wu 6-7 (5-7), 5-7


• Jonathan Fender, Brayden Rhoads were def by Stone, Eisanhauer 2-8

• Avery Bradshaw, Jack Romer were def by Eastham, Wright, 5-8

• Jacob Romer, Caleb Reed def Moser, Wu 8-5


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