Friskiesonaroll wins close one

Second race tight as four finish within three-tenths

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WILMINGTON – A total of 65 horses went to the post Monday in the opening day of harness racing at the Clinton County Fair.

The second race, a three-year-old colt pace, was one of the closest races in recent memory with four horse finishing within three-tenths of a second.

Friskiesonaroll was in third at the head of the stretch but Tyler Smith steered the colt to a closing quarter in 29 seconds to hold off Western Bay Bay.

In the first race, Monkeys Uncle led wire to wire to hold off long-shot Lion On Landon.

In the third race, Western’s Last Gun got off to a slow start but rallied to win with a strong run down the stretch.

In the fourth race, Enchanting Hall had a rough final quarter but notched a win over Blazintothefront who was blazing to the front with a 30.3 quarter. Enchanting Hall trotted the final quarter in 32 seconds.

In the fifth race, Homer Hall led start to finish for the victory with Ryan Holton in the sulky.

In the sixth race, Dan Noble drove Jimmy Ray Lou to a win in 1:56.

In the seventh race, Jeff Nisonger won his first race as Risky Million clocked a 2:03.1 to earn the victory.

In the eighth race, Dan Noble made it a driving double with Doubleyellowline trotting the distance in 2:01 to claim the win.

In the ninth race, Dont Front Me, with driver Russell Swartz, won a two-horse race over Bully Boy in 2:00.3.

In the 10th race, Ubuntu paced the mile in 1:58.1 and made driver Dan Noble a three-time winner on the day.

Wrongswhatidobest did most everything right in winning the 11th race as driver Jeff Nisonger picked up his second win of the day.


July 8, 2019

Clinton County Fair

@Clinton County Fairgrounds

RACE 1: 3 year old colts, trot

1-Monkeys Uncle (Shawn Barker II) 1:59.4; 2-Lion On Landon (Allen Woolums) 2:00.1; 3-Forgotten Treasure (Kacey Burns) 2:02.3

RACE 2: 3 year old colts, pace

1-Friskiesonaroll (Tyler Smith) 1:58.0; 2-Western Bay Bay (Trevor Smith) 1:58.1; 3-Deena’s Lil John (Cameron McCown) 1:58.2

RACE 3: 2 year old colts, pace

1-Western’s Last Gun (Cameron McCown) 2:01.2; 2-Eds Country Rocker (Alex Hawk) 2:01.4; 3-Mel Matt (Jeff Nisonger) 2:02

RACE 4: 2 year old colts, trot

1-Enchanting Hall (Pierce Henry) 2:07; 2-Blazintothefront (Ken Holliday) 2:08.4; 3-Spiritual Son (Trevor Smith) 2:09.1

RACE 5: 3 year old colts, trot

1-Homer Hall (Ryan Holton) 2:02.1; 2-Vandy’s Dream (Hugh Beatty) 2:04.1; 3-Rockys Wedding (Roger Hughes Jr.) 2:04.3

RACE 6: 3 year old colts, pace

1-Jimmy Ray Lou (Dan Noble) 1:56; 2-Top Recruit (Trevor Smith 1:56.3; 3-East Beach (Scott Ferguson) 1:57.1

RACE 7: 2 year old colts, pace

1-Risky Million (Jeff Nisonger) 2:03.1; 2-Rockin Scoot (Roy Wilson) 2:03.4; 3-Megalodon Shark (Kayne Kauffman) 2:04.0

RACE 8: 2 year old colts, trot

1-Doubleyellowline (Dan Noble) 2:01; 2-Heavenly Hope (Michelle Caldwell) 2:02.2; 3-Fausses Rumeurs (Ken Holliday) 2:07.1

RACE 9: 3 year old colts, trot

1-Dont Front Me (Russell Swartz) 2:00.3; 2-Bully Boy (Shawn Barker II) 2:00.4; 3-Mi’s Pegs Pepper (Cameron McCown) DIS

RACE 10: 2 year old colts, pace

1-Ubuntu (Dan Noble) 1:58.1; 2-Nob Hill Flash (Alex Hawk) 2:00.4; 3-Li Mystro (Brendan Johnson) 2:01.4

RACE 11: 3 year colts, pace

1-Wrongswhatidobest (Jeff Nisonger) 2:00.2; 2-D’big Promise (Jack Dailey) 2:01.1; 3-Triple Lane Mister (Scott Ferguson) 2:02.2
Second race tight as four finish within three-tenths

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