Blanchester 7th tops ROB, 8th grade loses heartbreaker

The Blanchester seventh grade football team defeated Wilmington’s Rodger O. Borror Middle School 46-0 Wednesday.

The eighth grade Wildcats were edged in a close game 27-26.

In the seventh grade game, Blanchester started slow with several turnovers on offense. But once they started rolling, they never looked back, coach Dan Peters said.

Michael Mulvihill had 76 yards rushing and a touchdown. Dameon Williams scored three times and gained 49 yards on the ground. Sammy Roush had 49 yards rushing and a touchdown. Chevy Daniels had 43 yards on the ground and a 50-yard punt return for a touchdown.

The Blanchester defense allowed Wilmington four first downs, Peters added.

“This is a well-oiled machine,” Peters said. “These young men had a great day on the gridiron but now it’s time to prepare for Massie next week.”

In the eighth grade game, Blanchester trailed 27-20 and scored a touchdown with 1.7 seconds to play, Peters said. The young Wildcats failed on the two-point conversion and lost the game 27-26.

The game “had every emotion that comes with football,” said Peters. “It’s hard to watch your kids fight and not be able to go out there and help them. It reminds me of life. It can be difficult at times but to see them never give up and fight hard to the end tells us as coaches that we are preparing them for what lies ahead. This group of young men have had to face some early challenges but have the mental toughness to finish strong.”

Bryce Sipple had 133 yards and two touchdowns rushing. He passed for 35 yards and a score as well. Ray Montgomery rushed for 65 yards. Seth Perkins caught two passes for 35 yards and a touchdown. Michael Mulvihill had 25 yards and a touchdown on the ground.