WHS girls swim to wins over EC, Hillsboro

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HILLSBORO — Adrianna Benitez took part in 4 wins Tuesday as the Wilmington High School girls swim team defeated Hillsboro and East Clinton at the Highland County YMCA.

Wilmington had 145 points while Hillsboro finished with 69 and East Clinton with 50.

Maura Elzey posted East Clinton’s lone victory, finishing first in the 200-yard freestyle in 3:09.71

Benitez won the 200 IM and the 100 butterfly as an individual then took part in a pair of relay wins. She swam with Brooklyn Watson, Vanessa Calderone and Ella Neuenschwander to win the 200 medley relay then teamed with Neuenschwander, Sydney Totten and Colderone to take first in the 400 free relay finale.

Neuenschwander won the 100 free, Jocelyn Engel won the 500 free and Watson won the 100 backstroke for the Hurricane.


Dec 15, 2020

@Highland County YMCA

Girls Results


Wilmington 145 Hillsboro 69 East Clinton 50

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Wilmington A (Watson, Calderone, Benitez, Neuenschwander) 2:34.07; Wilmington B (Housh, Scott, Sutton, Reynolds) 2:48.18; East Clinton (Kenton Deaton, Elzey, Hamilton, Seabaugh) 3:05.4

200 FREE: Maura Elzey (EC) 3:09.71; Charlotte Housh (W) 3:10.63; Chloe Sutton (W) 3:33.47; Alexis Cash (H) 3:43.21; Hollie Miller (H) 3:51.06

200 IM: Adrianna Benitez (W) 3:08.77; Hannah Scott (W) 3:26.19

50 FREE: Issabella Allen (H) 29.47; Ella Neuenschwander (W) 30.9; Sydney Totten (W) 32.81; Isabella Patton (H) 41.9; Jenna Stanley (EC) 46.0; Brooklynn Hamilton (EC) 47.88

100 FLY: Adrianna Benitez (W) 1:31.64; Vanessa Calderone (W) 1:40.39

100 FREE: Ella Neuenschwander (W) 1:15.13; Sydney Totten (W) 1:23.64; Kenton Deaton (EC) 1:29.45; Isabella Patton (H) 1:38.78; Savannah Tolle (EC) 1:41.39; Kayleigh Elliot (H) 1:46.2

500 FREE: Jocelyn Engel (W) 8:13.78; Alice Clair (W) 8:14.66; Hollie Miller (H) 12:14.14; Abby Hall (H) 13:39.21

200 FREE RELAY: Hillsboro (Allen, Cash, Patton, Edenfield) 2:28.39; Wilmington B (Reynolds, Brausch, Bowman, Harris) 2:38.57; East Clinton (Chambliss, Kaylyn Deaton, Stanley, Tolle) 2:57.38; Hillsboro (Elliot, Lorena, Hollen, Miller) 3:05.47

100 BACK: Brooklyn Watson (W) 1:27.4; Charlotte Housh (H) 1:30.85; Maura Elzey (EC) 1:37.89; Kenton Deaton (EC) 1:41.02; Brooklyn Lucarello (H) 1:54.83; Tatum Burns (H) 1:58.06

100 BREAST: Issabella Allen (H) 1:35; Vanessa Calderone (W) 1:38.62; Alice Clair (W) 1:43.62; Trinity Edenfield (H) 1:56.13; Brooklynn Hamilton (EC) 2:06.2; Molly Seabaugh (EC) 2:06.26

400 FREE RELAY: Wilmington A (Neuenschwander, Totten, Calderone, Benitez) 4:56.13; Wilmington B (Scott, Engel, Clair, Watson) 5:44; East Clinton (Kenton Deaton, Elzey, Seabaugh, Tolle) 6:05.56; Hillsboro A (Allen, Cash, Patton, Edenfield) 6:12.88; Hillsboro B (Elliot, Hollen, Lorenz, Miller) 7:26.85


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