4 WHS boys advance to district swim meet

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Four Wilmington High School boys swimmers advanced to the district swim meet Feb. 18 at Miami University.

The Hurricane swim teams — boys and girls — competed this past weekend in sectional meets. The girls were in the Division I meet at Princeton High School. The boys were competing in the Div. II meet at Mason High School.

There were no members of the girls team who advanced to the district meet next week.

“I’m really happy for our swimmers and what they were able to accomplish this year, given our practice situation, traveling to Fayette Co YMCA to practice and only practicing one-two times per week, sometimes fewer than that,” said WHS coach Mitch Hopf. “Each and every swimmer put forth tremendous effort and commitment all season long.

“I’m looking forward to a few more focused practices with our district qualifiers to see what they can do (Feb. 18).”

Though none of the girls advanced, Hopf said Adrianna Benitez had an outstanding 100-yard butterfly, dropping her best time by six seconds.

On the boys side, Ian Frary improved his 500 free time by nearly 20 seconds.

From a district standpoint, Jordan Davis advances for WHS in fourth events – the 100 free and 100 back as an individual and the 200 medley and 400 free relays. In the 200 medley, Davis swims wish Josh Andrews, Landen Carpenter and Ben Baylor. In the 400 free, Davis is joined by Carpenter, Baylor and Andrews. Andrews is a district alternate in the 100 breaststroke.

Davis won the 100 free in 48.73 seconds and was runnerup in the 100 back.

The 400 free relay team was second at sectional in 3:44.38 while the medley relay team also was second in 1:47.45.



Div I @Princeton High School

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Wilmington (5th) Shannon O’Boyle, Chloe Sutton, Adrianna Benitez, Ella Neuenschwander 2:22.29

200 FREE: Jocelyn Engel (14th) 2:55.95; Charlotte Housh (15th) 3:02.1; Hannah Reynolds (16th) 3:03.05; Regan Harris (17th 3:20.15

200 IM: Vanessa Calderone (13th) 3:03.04; Hannah Scott (15th) 3:17.14

50 FREE: Ella Neuenschwander (12th) 31.25; Sydney Totten (15th) 32.29; Chloe Sutton (16th) 33.01; Madilyn Brausch (17th) 36.82

100 BUTTERFLY: Andrianna Benitez (9th) 1:22.91

100 FREE: Ella Neuenschwander (13th) 1:10.61; Hannah Scott (15th) 1:14.97; Sydney Totten (16th) 1:16.32; Mercedes Bowman (17th) 1:27.63

500 FREE: Alice Clair (14th) 7:59.06; Jocelyn Engel (15th) 8:02.81

100 BACKSTROKE: Shannon O’Boyle (10th) 1:22.13; Charlotte Housh (14th) 1:28.31; Regan Harris (15th) 1:54.9

100 BREASTSTROKE: Chloe Sutton (14th) 1:31.0; Vanessa Calderone (16th) 1:35.68; Teagan Phillips-Spisak (17th) 1:37.85; Alice Claire (19th) 1:44.91;

400 FREE RELAY: Wilmington (4th) Ella Neuenschwander, Vanessa Calderone, Adrianna Benitez, Shannon O’Boyle 4:42.94


Div II @Mason High School

200 MEDLEY RELAY: Wilmington (2nd) Jordan Davis, Josh Andrews, Landen Carpenter, Ben Baylor 1:47.45

200 IM: Landen Carpenter (5th) 2:33.79

50 FREE: Josh Andrews (5th) 24.2; Ben Baylor (7th) 25.46; Andrew Delph (11th) 27.58; Johnathan Winner (17th) 38.04

100 FREE: Jordan Davis (1st) 48.73; Andrew Delph (11th) 1:05.91; Barrett Powell (12th) 1:08.71; Johnathan Winner (16th) 1:32.86

500 FREE: Landen Carpenter (6th) 6:16.66; Ian Frary (7th) 6:29.12

200 FREE RELAY: Wilmington (4th) Andrew Delph, Barrett Powell, Ian Frary, Ben Baylor 1:46.96

100 BACK: Jordan Davis (2nd) 54.74; Barrett Powell (8th) 1:24.06

100 BREAST: Josh Andrews (3rd) 1:07.61; Ian Frary (6th) 1:22.88

400 FREE RELAY: Wilmington (2nd) Jordan Davis, Landen Carpenter, Ben Baylor, Josh Andrews 3:44.38


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