ROB girls win CMMS relay event; CM 2nd, Blan 5th, EC 6th

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ADAMS TOWNSHIP — Wilmington’s Rodger O. Borror Middle School girls track and field team won the Clinton-Massie Middle School Relays Wednesday at Chick Brown Track.

The young Lady Hurricane finished with 96 points while runnerup Clinton-Massie had 79. Blanchester was fifth with 43 points and East Clinton was sixth with 29.

Wilmington won the high jump, 4×800 relay, sprint medley relay, 4×100 relay and 4×400 relay.

Clinton-Massie won the long jump (Carly Moritz, Ally Wellman, Ashley Grooms), shuttle hurdles (Lauren Kropp, Hannah Leforge, Moritz, Patience Chowning), 4×200 relay (Leforge, Mckenzie Avery, Molly Lynch, Lindsey Carter) and distance medley (Emma Muterspaw, Nora Voisey, Elle Paul, Chowning) relay. In the long jump relay, Moritz had a personal best jump of 13-7.

East Clinton won both the shot put and discus competition.

Blanchester did not win any events but finished second in the discus.

TEAM SCORES: Wilmington 96 Clinton-Massie 79 Miami Trace 59 Waynesville 57 Blanchester 43 East Clinton 29

HIGH JUMP: Wilmington 8-0; Miami Trace 4-2; Clinton-Massie 4-2; Waynesville 4-0; Blanchester 4-0

DISCUS: East Clinton 151-10; Blanchester (Jade West, Maddie Turner, Ally Davis) 128-2; Wilmington 125-1; Waynesville 111-4; Clinton-Massie 108-10; Miami Trace 102-8

LONG JUMP: Clinton-Massie (Carly Moritz, Ally Wellman, Ashley Grooms); 26-4; Waynesville 25-10; Wilmington 25-3.5; Blanchester 24-2; Miami Trace 23-3

POLE VAULT: Miami Trace 13-0; Wilmington 11-0; Clinton-Massie 5-6

SHOT PUT: East Clinton 55-5; Miami Trace 53-1; Waynesville 52-9; Wilmington 48-3; Blanchester 46-0; Clinton-Massie 44-8

4X800 RELAY: Wilmington 11:24; Waynesville 11:32; Clinton-Massie 12:01; Miami Trace 12:12; Blanchester 12:27

SHUTTLE HURDLES: Clinton-Massie (Lauren Kropp, Hannah Leforge, Carly Moritz, Patience Chowning) 1:19.6; Wilmington 1:23.9; Blanchester (Izzy Harris, Becca Kratzer, Logan Sexton, Kiah Breezley) 1:28.1; Waynesville 1:29.1; Miami Trace 1:29.9; East Clinton 1:32.7

4X200 RELAY: Clinton-Massie (Hannah Leforge, Mckenzie Avery, Molly Lynch, Lindsey Carter) 2:00.4; Wilmington 2:00.8; Miami Trace 2:10.8; Blanchester 2:11.2; East Clinton 2:16.2; Waynesville 2:16.5

SPRINT MEDLEY: Wilmington 2:14.1; Waynesville 2:18.4; Blanchester (Chloe Koeppe, Abby Spurling, Ally Davis, Savanna Schutte) 2:16.5; Miami Trace 2:18.7; Clinton-Massie 2:27.1; East Clinton 2:28.7

DISTANCE MEDLEY: Clinton-Massie (Emma Muterspaw, Nora Voisey, Elle Paul, Patience Chowning) 11:22.4; Waynesville 11:59.3; Wilmington 12:09.3; Miami Trace 12:43.3; Blanchester 13:24.1; East Clinton 14:22.3

4X100 RELAY: Wilmington 55.5; Clinton-Massie (Hannah Leforge, Ally Wellman, Lindsey Carter, Mckenzie Avery) 56.1; Waynesville 56.7; Miami Trace 60.4; East Clinton 60.9; Blanchester 62.9

4X400 RELAY: Wilmington 4:50.6; Clinton-Massie (Nora Voisey, Emma Muterspaw, Lilly Lentine, Patience Chowning) 5:02.8; Miami Trace 5:04.8; Blanchester 5:41.1; East Clinton 5:57.7

News Journal Report