CM second, Wilmington third, EC eighth in middle school tournament

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GREENFIELD — Clinton-Massie finished second and the Rodger O. Borror Middle School placed third Saturday at the unofficial South Central Ohio League middle school wrestling championship at McClain High School.

East Clinton was eighth overall with Michael Horn posting the top finish. He was third at 116 pounds.

For Clinton-Massie, champions were Malachi O’Leary at 86, Rubin Mobley at 92, Garret Newkirk at 98, Colton Doyle at 150 and Joe Baughman at 160.

For Wilmington, weight class champions were Dylan Dummitt at 110, Logan Cook at 142 and Brock Rappach at 245.


January 28, 2017

SCOL Middle School Championship

@McClain High School

Team scores: Miami Trace 175 Clinton-Massie 122 Wilmington 113 Washington 98 McClain 56 Chillicothe 39 Hillsboro 24 East Clinton 10

Individual weight classes, with overall champion and local finishers

80: 1-Melvin (MT)

86: 1-Malachi O’Leary (CM)

92: 1-Rubin Mobley (CM); 3-Jon Fast (EC)

98: 1-Garret Newkirk (CM); 4-Logan Salatin (WIL)

104: 1-Branton Dawes (WASH); 4-Colton Meyers (CM)

110: 1-Dylan Dummitt (WIL)

116: 1-M’Cale Callihan (MT); 2-Scottie Eastes (HB); 3-Michael Horn (EC); 4-Donald Brewer (CM)

122: 1-Jayden LeBeau (MT); 3-James Campbell (WIL); 4-Gavin Denniston (EC)

128: 1-Camron Lacure (MT); 2-Logan Current (WIL); 3-Charley Hale (CM)

134: 1-Alex Smith (MT)

142: 1-Logan Cook (WIL); 2-Lane Shultz (CM)

150: 1-Colton Doyle (CM); 4-Jevon Bays-King (WIL)

160: 1-Joe Baughman (CM)

172: 1-Mason Mustain (WASH); 2-Trustin Barnes (WIL)

205: 1-Kade Rawlins (GM); 3-Isaiah Fields (WIL)

245: 1-Brock Rappach (WIL)

News Journal Report