Hurricane ninth at Eaton Invitational

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Conner Barton

Conner Barton

Sam Eastes

RJ Tolliver

Isaac Allen

EATON — The Wilmington High School wrestling team finished ninth Saturday at the 47th Eaton Invitational.

“We were happy with our performance from the freshmen and sophomores,” WHS coach Kelly Tolliver said. “This was a great primer to get us ready for the end of the season. We now will concentrate on staying healthy and nursing some injuries. The last two weeks have left us a little banged up from the Hammer in Western Brown and then the Eaton tournament.”

Isaac Allen was the top finisher for the Hurricane, placing second at 160 pounds.

‘Isaac had a nice tournament,” Tolliver said. “His opponent in the finals was tough on takedowns but we feel like it was good for him to be tested now at this point in the season to see where we need to improve.”

Conner Barton was fourth at 285, RJ Tolliver was fifth at 195 and Sam Eastes was sixth at 106 pounds.

On Eastes, Tolliver said, “Sam continues to improve. We like what we are seeing from him on his feet; great job on takedowns.”

On Barton, Tolliver said, “He is really starting to put things together and we are excited to see how he will do in the upcoming SCOL tournament.”

On RJ Tolliver, the coach said, “(195) was probably the toughest class at the tournament. He lost to Wilcox in the quarters and saw some vindication later as he had to wrestle Wilcox again for fifth place. He won that rematch 2-1.”

Tolliver said Noah Stirr, though he did not place, had a good tournament for the Hurricane and continues to improve.

“The kids are in a good place right now, learning one match-at-a-time and being able to recover quickly from losses,” Tolliver said. “That is a big part of what it takes in the post-season to be successful.”


January 28, 2017

47th annual @Eaton Invitational

Team scores

Northmont 234.5 Milton-Union 145.5 Ross 141.5 Valley View 124 Eaton 117.5 Reading 110.5 Edgewood 99.5 Wayne 91 Wilmington 84 Carroll 83 National Trail 68.5 Tippecanoe 67 Oakwood 60 Springfield 59 Waynesville 48.5 Arcanum 45 Shawnee 44.5 Bellbrook 43 Twin Valley South 28 Thurgood Marshall 23 Dunbar 4

Individual results

106: Sam Eastes was pinned by Compress (Re) 0:25; pinned Lucas (O) 3:52; pinned Bridegens (B) 1:28; was pinned by Dima (VaV) 0:11; was pinned by Miller (Edg) 0:46. Finished sixth.

113: Cameron Smart was pinned by Monebrake (Ea) 1:53; pinned Dale (Wayne) 1:32; was dec by Robins (Re) 7-2

126: Mason Snyder was pinned by Boyle (Edg) 1:59; pinned King (Ca) 0:58; was dec by Zimmerman (VaV) 13-3

132: Trent Holliday pinned Sager (MU) 3:26; was pinned by Grey (Edg) 1:09; pinned Schonayer (Be) 2:15; was pinned by Clyne (Wayne) 2:26

138: Noah Stirr was pinned by Blake (T) 4:36; pinned Scott (TM) 2:31; pinned Burgard (O) 2:27; pinned Mulkey (Sp) 2:07; was pinned by Burns (Ar) 3:19

145: Jacob Martin was pinned by Cress (MU) 0:11; was pinned by Stevens (Wayne) 3:41

160: Isaac Allen pinned Niyangabo (TM) 1:12; dec Matthews (Sh) 9-1; pinned King (O) 3:33; was dec by Hardrick (Wayne) 14-5. Finished second

182: Brady Bergefurd was pinned by Coleman (Ro) 4:25; was dec by Chapman (MU) 11-5

195: RJ Tolliver was dec by Wilcox (Wayne) 11-2; pinned Sousa (Edg) 1:52; pinned Honchell (Ro) 1:42; was dec by Cochran (Spr) 10-5; dec Wilcox (Wayne) 2-1. Finished fifth

220: Gage Smith was pinned by Sullivan (NT) 2:25; pinned Cole (Ro) 2:27; was pinned by Hill (Ca) 4:39

285: Conner Barton was pinned by Padilla (Wayne) 4:42; pinned Sanders (Re) 0:25; pinned Bowman (Ea) 2:06; dec Morris (O) 10-1; was pinned by Padilla (Wayne) 4:36. Finished fourth.

Conner Barton Barton

Sam Eastes Eastes

RJ Tolliver Tolliver

Isaac Allen Allen

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