County runners fair well at Blanchester Invitational

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Savannah Rhodes

Savannah Rhodes

Hunter Browning

High school boys race

BLANCHESTER – Savannah Rhodes, the Clinton-Massie girls and the Blanchester boys earned top honors Wednesday at the Blanchester Invitational cross country meet on the BHS campus.

Rhodes won the girls race in 20:53.14. In the team standings, Clinton-Massie came out on top. Katie Hughes was the top CM runner, placing sixth in 22:03.23.

Alex Hughes was the lone EC girls runner in the event.

On the boys side, Blanchester was led by Hunter Browning who was fifth overall in 17:42.89.

Jacob Whitaker of Clinton-Massie was the top local runner in the boys race. He was second in 17:08.12. Aiden Henson of East Clinton was fourth overall in 17:34.49.


Sept 27 2017

@Blanchester Invitational

Boys team scores

Blanchester 42 Bethel-Tate 45 Goshen 69 Clinton-Massie 92 East Clinton 125

Boys individuals (57 runners)

Jackson Coates (BT) 1st in 16:08.14; Jacob Whitaker (CM) 2nd in 17:08.12; Aiden Henson (EC) 4th in 17:34.49; Hunter Browning (BL) 5th in 17:42.89; Ricky Davis (BL) 9th in 18:00.92; Sean Holland (BL) 10th in 18:01.17; Tyler Holland (BL) 13th in 18:32.9; Ashton Steward (BL) 14th in 18:43.49; Logan Fisher (CM) 16th in 18:54.06; Matthew O’Neill (BL) 29th in 20:11.12; Seth Goodall (CM) 32nd in 20:39.59; Brennen Swope (CM) 33rd in 20:40.16; Matt Holland (BL) 34th in 20:40.72; Talent Sagraves (CM) 40th in 21:08.32; Colin McDowell (CM) 41st in 21:14.43; Samuel Reinhart (BL) 44th in 21:31.9; Trenton Garen (EC) 45th in 21:36.77; John Cline (EC) 47th in 22:05.89; Quinten Tolle (EC) 49th in 22:39.29; Jacob Howard (EC) 51st in 22:58.28; Ian Gillespie (BL) 53rd in 23:31.26; Kaleb Hughes (CM) 54th in 23:31.77; Alex Shelton (CM) 55th in 24:32.32; Bill Rannells (BL) 57th in 30:10.16

Girls team scores

Clinton-Massie 42 Bethel-Tate 49 Goshen 59 Felicity-Franklin 64

Girls individuals (30 runners)

Savannah Rhodes (BL) 1st in 20:53.14; Katie Hughes (CM) 6th in 22:03.23; AJ Houseman (CM) 7th in 22:19.17; Emma Muterspaw (CM) 8th in 22:29.44; Judit Canete (CM) 12th in 23:47.31; Lilly Lentine (CM) 16th in 24:18.99; Angelia Brown (BL) 18th in 25:43.42; Alex Hughes (EC) 27th in 31:22.67

Savannah Rhodes Rhodes

Hunter Browning Browning

High school boys race school boys race

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