Massie outduels Wilmington for Wightman Invitational boys crown

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LEES CREEK – Clinton-Massie outscored Wilmington 163 to 135.33 Tuesday and won the Brett Wightman Invitational boys track and field meet at East Clinton High School.

East Clinton finished fourth overall.

While the team battle came down to CM against WHS, there were several individual battles that highlighted the Falcons victory.

Luke Richardson of CM and Ryland Bowman of WHS went head to head in the long jump and 100-meter dash with Richardson finishing first in both and Bowman the runnerup. Richardson also won the 200-meter dash.

Scott Goings of Massie won the 110-meter and 300-meter hurdles with Zach Bradshaw of Wilmington finishing second in both races. Brady Heys of Wilmington won the 1,600- and 3,200-meter runs, taking first with Clinton-Massie’s Jacob Whitaker finishing second in each.

CM and WHS went 1-2 in the 4×200 relay (CM first with Jeff Passarge, Nathan Gibbs, Dennis Yilmaz, Pablo Hess-Munoz) and the 4×100 relay (WHS first with DJ Ames, Parker Gunkel, Grant Mayer, Eli Schumacher). Massie won the 4×400-meter relay with Christian Poynter, Yilmaz, Goings and Tanner Olberding touring the EC oval ahead of the field.

Also for the Falcons, Tyler Beam won the shot put (43-8) and Tate Olberding cleared 6-0 to win the high jump.

Brendan Walters posted a first-place finish on the East Clinton ledger, throwing the discus 113-4 to edge Wilmington’s Derek Davis by three inches.


April 24 2018

Brett Wightman Invitational

@East Clinton High School

TEAM SCORES: Clinton-Massie 163 Wilmington 135.33 Fairfield 84 East Clinton 40.33 Waynesville 38 Clinton-Massie B 14 Lynchburg-Clay 13.33 Fairfield B 4.

Following are the top six finishers in each event.

HIGH JUMP: Tate Olberding (CM) 6-0; Tanner Olberding (CM) 5-6; Dotson (EC) 5-6; Frazier (LC) 5-4; Taylor (W) 5-4; Yankey (EC) 5-4

DISCUS: Walters (EC) 113-4; Davis (W) 113-1; Saddler (CM) 106-0; Hagerman (CM) 100-10; Whalen (F) 97-2; Martini (W) 90-9

LONG JUMP: Richardson (CM) 20-4; Bowman (W) 19-5; Ames (W) 18-2; Passarge (CM) 17-7; Frazier (LC) 17-3.5; Wedding (EC) 16-4

SHOT PUT: Beam (CM) 43-8; Saddler (CM) 40-4; Davis (W) 36-5; Whalen (F) 35-0; Ferguson (F) 34-0p; Walters (EC) 33-0

4X800 RELAY: Fairfield 8:53.4; Wilmington (Parks, Hester, Killen, Andrews) 9:10.7; Waynesville 9:53.7; Clinton-Massie (Fisher, Wallace, Shelton, Hendrickson) 10:14.2; Lynchburg-Clay 10:44

110 HURDLES: Goings (CM) 15.8; Bradshaw (W) 16.6; Buichanan (F) 17.4; McGuire (Wa) 17.6; McDonald (CM) 17.7; Struewing (Wa) 17.8

100 DASH: Richardson (CM) 10.7; Bowman (W) 10.8; Mayer (W) 11.4; Dotson (EC) 11.5; Poynter (CM) 11.7; Price (F) 11.8

4X200 RELAY: Clinton-Massie (Passarge, Gibbs, Yilmaz, Hess-Munoz) 1:36.7; Wilmington (Bradshaw, Gunkel, Cherisca, Taylor) 1:36.7; Waynesville 1:43.4; Lynchburg-Clay 1:45.2; Fairfield 1:49.3; East Clinton (Kingery, Rolfe, Slone, Walters) 1:53.3

1600 RUN: Heys (W) 4:37.5; Whitaker (CM) 4:48.4; Frost (F) 5:04.7; Davis (F) 5:06.4; Tanner Olberding (CM) 5:1.4; Hester (W) 5:13.2

4X100 RELAY: Wilmington (Ames, Gunkel, Mayer, Schumacher) 46.1; Clinton-Massie (Poynter, Mils, Beam, Goings) 46.3; Waynesville 47.7; East Clinton (Wedding, Rolfe, Kingery, Yankey) 50.9; Fairfield 51.0; Lynchburg-Clay 51.2

400 DASH: Duffie (F) 52.0; Yilmaz (CM) 55.1; Henson (EC) 55.2; France (W) 56.0; Hodson (F) 56.5; Calendine (CM) 57.4

300 HURDLES: Goings (CM) 41.9; Bradshaw (W) 42.3; Struewing (Wa) 43.3; McGuire (Wa) 44.7; Singleton (W) 45.1; Spargur (F) 45.8

800 RUN: Duffie (F) 2:09.4; Tanner Olberding (CM) 2:10.4; Davis (F) 2:11.4; Andrews (W) 2:14.1; Killen (W) 2:15.9; Tyree (LC) 2:30.4

200 DASH: Richardson (CM) 22.8; Taylor (W) 23.5; Hess-Munoz (CM) 23.7; Dotson (EC) 24.2; Price (W) 24.7; Johnson (Wa) 24.9

3200 RUN: Heys (W) 10:03.8; Whitaker (CM) 11:12.7; Setty (F) 11:14.3; Davis (F) 11:23.3; Henson (EC) 11:30.1; Parks (W) 11:30.9

4X400 RELAY: Clinton-Massie (Poynter, Yilmaz, Goings, Tanner Olberding) 4:00; Fairfield 4:00.1; Wilmington (Bradshaw, Killen, Andrews, France) 4:00.1; Waynesville 4:00.1; Lynchburg-Clay 4:001.

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