It’s stunning to watch Mrs. Clinton claim Republicans are blocking people from voting. She has even threatened to sue the State of Ohio.

In Ohio we have over 20 days that you can vote; her beloved New York does not do that. In fact, in Ohio, if you are unable (or unwilling) to go to the board of elections or to your polling place on election day, you are covered. A government employee will actually deliver your ballot to your home. That same government worker will then take that marked ballot to the board of elections to be counted. We call that government employee your mailman.

Hillary is trying to convince you that it’s a burden to ask that you show a government-issued ID to prove who you are on election day. This is a crock. If you try to attend an event where she is speaking, you have to show an ID to get in. Ponder the hypocrisy of that. Ohio asks for an ID to stop illegal aliens from voting, and also to stop people from voting multiple times. Hillary claims it does not happen. She is not telling the truth and she knows it.

The Democrats are the party of voter fraud in this state. A disgraceful fact is that Cincinnati Democrats cheered and celebrated Melowese Richardson when she was released from jail for her four counts of voter fraud. They even called her to the stage to speak at one of their events. If you doubt me, look it up on your computer, just Google her name. She is not alone.

Secretary of State Jon Husted has made it easy to vote in Ohio, hard to cheat. That is what upsets Democrats. The question you should be putting to Democrats is: Why do you want to make it easy to cheat? Why does your party honor criminals like Melowese Richardson who are convicted of multiple counts of vote fraud?

A better question is, when will the Justice Department indict Mrs. Clinton for destroying subpoenaed material and taking foreign bribes? That sounds like a better use of the courts to me.

Tim Inwood

Chairman Clinton County Republican Party