A lot can happen in 365 days.

From my past year, there are two exact dates that stand out. The first, May 19, 2014 is the date that I came aboard this crazy news barge they call the Wilmington News Journal. Even though that was more than 365 days ago, it doesn’t feel like that much time has passed.

I think time can be rationalized by looking back over the things you’ve seen in a certain period. The concept of time can be made somewhat more tangible when you count it based on exceptional events, concepts and just plain musings.

Begin ramble:

Since May 19, 2014, I’ve seen a few spectacular sunsets. There’s simply nothing like looking out over a snowy field of frozen cornstalks to see a sinking orange sun setting fire to wispy clouds on a cold January evening. I’ve sat on the back of my car more times than I care to admit, in all kinds of weather, just staring at a painted evening sky and thinking about what a gift we’ve been given in sunsets.

Kind of makes me think somebody put them there.

Since May 19, 2014, I’ve made too many friends to count. Everybody from public officials to local celebrities, right down to the everyday people who make this town tick. I’m even friends with the people I work with here at the News Journal. Imagine that! I’m proud and happy to say I work with a truly wonderful group of gifted people who are dedicated to making this newspaper a hometown news source to be proud of.

Also, any group of people that pitches in to buy you a selfie stick for your birthday is totally worth your time.

Since May 19, 2014, I’ve experienced some really eye-opening moments. Notably, I wrote a column last year about a nearly fatal car accident I covered where I saw one of the drivers’ boots sitting in the grass as the paramedics carried him on a stretcher to CareFlight. That boot in the grass, silly as it sounds, opened my eyes to see how much life can change in a split second – whether that’s a head-on collision near Snow Hill Country Club or when you hear a baby laugh for the first time.

Mortal experiences like that combined with hearing roots country music on the patio at Friend’s Backyard Grill in Clarksville make this short life seem a lot shorter, and a lot more precious while it lasts.

The second exact date I have in my head is April 11, 2015. It was a Saturday evening in Lima, New York, when God gave me the scoop on some changes coming in the next 365 days of my life.

But that’s for a later column.

David Wright is a reporter for the Wilmington News Journal. He can be observed on Twitter and Instagram @DavidWrighter.