Shown at the first Skate Night in the fall of 2010 are, from left, professional skateboarder Doug Brown; former mayor, the late Chad Hollon; and police chief Scott Reinbolt.

The Blanchester Police Department will hold its first “Skate Night” of 2015 next Wednesday, June 17 at Dewey Memorial Park in downtown Blanchester. The event runs from 7-10 p.m. All local skateboarders are encouraged to attend.

“I would like to dedicate this particular Skate Night to the memory of our late mayor, Chad Hollon,” said Blanchester Police Cheif Scott Reinbolt. “I first proposed the idea of a Skate Night to Mayor Hollon in 2010, and he gave it his full support from the start and regularly attended the events. Without his support, these events would not have been possible.

“I am sad to report that, due to police department budget cuts, we will only hold three Skate Nights this year — one in June, one in July and one in August,” Reinbolt added. “In years past we held as many as seven Skate Nights annually.

“It also saddens me to say that we will not be able to hold any High School Swim Nights this summer due to the closure of the Blanchester Swim Club.”