Celebrating cancer survivors


Pictured with Ronald and his wife, Audrey, are, from left, Melissa Stout, Kristie Hater, Michelle Roth, Melissa Mann, and Service Line Administrator Mary Courtney Ore.

Dorothy is pictured with, from left, her granddaughter Shelby, her niece Diane Fawley (Cancer Registrar at The Boyd), and her daughter Diane Custis (an employee of CMH in the Medical Records department).

The recent National Cancer Survivor Day was a day to honor all of those who have been impacted by a cancer diagnosis—patients, caregivers, friends, and family. A cancer survivor is anyone living with a history of cancer—from the moment of diagnosis for the remainder of life. CMH Regional Health System chose to honor local cancer survivors for a full week, beginning on Sunday, June 7, in preparation for Relay for Life later this month.

Ronald Bennett, a two-time cancer survivor and Vietnam veteran, shared his story, and asked that his photo be taken with his wife, Audrey, and the radiation oncology team at The Foster J. Body MD Regional Cancer Center.

“I’m a Vietnam veteran, so not much scares me,” he said. “When I walked in here [with a cancer diagnosis] the first time, though, I was scared out of my mind. But the people here at The Boyd made me feel like there was no reason to be scared. They explained the science of it. They were kind. I started to look forward to coming five days a week just to see the radiation team. My wife and I walked out that first day laughing—optimistic and hopeful. There’s no place like this anywhere. They make you forget that you’re sick.”

Also featured was Dorothy Brown, a three-time cancer survivor.

“I know when you’re going through cancer treatments, your family, friends, church, and your doctors are so important—you have to have faith in them to support you,” she said. “Never give up. I’ve been here at The Boyd since it opened, and it’s a great place. All of the people here are so kind and caring. Just never give up.”

You can see the full series on the CMH Facebook page: facebook.com/CMHRegionalHealthSystem.

The Foster J. Boyd, MD Regional Cancer Center in Wilmington brings together a range of advanced radiation and medical oncology services, programs and staff expertise. Beginning in July, The Boyd will be affiliated with The James Cancer Network. Through this affiliation, The Boyd will have access to clinical trials, the OSUCCC—James’ existing treatment plans, and National Comprehensive Cancer Care Network (NCCN)-derived guidelines for the delivery of chemotherapy.

To learn more about the services offered through CMH, visit www.cmhregional.com or call (937) 382-6611.

Information for this story was provided by the CMH Regional Health System.

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