Paul Hunter took issue with my letter on Liberal Illogic and its “accuracy”, but he completely missed the point. He focuses on Elizabeth Warren, who was but a part of the subject. He attacks my “accuracy”, but he called her a candidate; she claims she is not a candidate. He also misspelled Elizabeth. So much for his “accuracy.”

The point of the piece was straight forward: lies, fraud, motives for gain from it and liberal reaction to it when the fraud is exposed. Rachel Dolezal and Senator Warren’s fraud are the specific examples. What Paul does not address is the fact Elizabeth Warren falsely claimed to be of American Indian heritage. One must ask, why would she claim to be something she was not? Clearly there was a motive. She obviously did it because she thought it would benefit her. What would that benefit be? Obviously getting the job. One does not lie without a reason. She clearly lied for benefit. Naturally Harvard will not admit that her ethnic claim was why they hired her but plainly hiring a minority was beneficial for Harvard.

Any business owner, especially those who do business with the government or get government grants know the government is interested in the ethnicity of the owner and work force. The U.S. government and states specifically have set asides for business owned by minorities. We all know that. Schools are also aided by ethnically mixed staff and a student body that is ethnically diverse, where it comes to grants from Uncle Sam. Patently hiring her with her ethnic declaration on her application would help Harvard to secure Federal funds. Warren knew this well, so she lied. The fact she lied to benefit herself does matter, especially since so many want her to run for president.

Putting these pieces of evidence together does not require Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery of her motive for the lie or their reason for hiring her. The facts are inconvenient for Mr. Hunter so he tried to change the subject. He failed on the merits.

Tim Inwood