Port chairman speaks to Lions


David Hockaday, Chairman of the Clinton County Port Authority, recently spoke to the Wilmington Lions Club. Lions member Gene Snyder introduced the speaker, who informed Lions members about the history and workings of the Port Authority.

Hockaday and his board of directors have worked to get the local airport facility on a paying basis after DHL left Wilmington several years ago. The City of Wilmington, Clinton County, the State of Ohio and the Wilmington CIC (Community Improvement Corporation) have all contributed financially to this huge project.

Members of the Clinton County Port Authority are appointed by the county commissioners for a four-year term. The State of Ohio authorizes port authorities. A port authority is a political subdivision formed by a local government. In general, a port authority is an economic tool for local government. Port authorities can be located in any political jurisdiction, even those without water port or rail or air facilities. There are 52 port authorities in Ohio.


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