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WILMINGTON — Voters across Clinton County will get to decide who manages the public’s business, levies and spends its taxes, decides the policies that determine school success and dispenses justice.

Many candidates filed in the last few days or weeks before the Wednesday deadline, allowing for contested elections in Clarksville, Midland, New Vienna, Sabina, Blanchester Local School District, Wilmington City School District and several townships. Plus, Wilmington and the Clinton County Municipal Court already had contested elections.

In Blanchester and Clarksville, only one candidate each ran while two terms are expiring. In Port William, no one ran for council, but two terms will expire. Those villages can fill those spots by appointing people.

The Clinton County Board of Elections will meet Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. to certify the filings.

Below are highlights from the unofficial filings, organized by region.

Mike Daugherty, who won the Republican nomination for Clinton County Municipal Court Judge and was appointed to the seat in May by Governor John Kasich, will face independent candidate Sharon Kornman.

In Wilmington, Republicans Linda Eichelberger, Randi Milburn and Mark McKay and Democrat Kelsey Swindler will vie for three Wilmington Council at-large seats. Milburn and McKay currently serve as at-large members.

Also in Wilmington, Brett Rudduck and Joe Dennis filed to run for director of law. Dennis filed to withdraw his candidacy, but the Clinton County Board of Elections hasn’t voted to accept his withdrawal.

In Clarksville, incumbent Mayor Noni Wood will face John Neeley Jr.

In Midland, Joyce Schaeffer, incumbent mayor, is challenged by John Burris.

In New Vienna, Mike Purtee and Kathi Stone will run against each other to fill the seat being left by Keith Collins, who is not seeking re-election.

In Sabina, appointed mayor Dean Hawk faces challenger and council member Bill Lewis. Gary Goodman, Abraham Arnold, incumbent Michael Walls and James Mongold will vie for a total of two council seats.

In Jefferson Township, Donna M. Lansing and Donna Panetta Lansing will compete for the position of fiscal officer.

In Union Township, incumbent James Fife faces Jim Landon and Tom Thatcher for trustee.

In Vernon Township, Jim Krazter, incumbent trustee, is running against Steven Skidmore.

In Washington Township, Randy Hibbs, a current trustee, faces challenger Greg Gossard.

In Blanchester Local School District, Keith Gibson, John Panetta and Todd Bandow are running for two seats on the board. Gibson and Panetta are incumbents.

In Wilmington City School District, Kevin Snarr, Ken Farris and Michael Flanigan are also competing for two seats on the board. Snarr is an incumbent. Current board member Bill Liermann is not seeking re-election.

Also on the ballots, according to uncertified filings, will be several tax levy renewals, referendums and a liquor option.

The G1 Gateway Zoning ordinance is up for referendum across the city of Wilmington, as previously reported.

Voters in Wilmington’s 2-B precinct will decide whether CVS may sell wine and mixed beverages on Sundays.

Blanchester’s electors will vote on a 1 percent income tax. Carman has told the News Journal previously that, if the tax is voted down, Blanchester will have to consider reducing payroll.

Vernon Township is asking for a renewal on a 0.5 mill tax levy to maintain and operate cemeteries.

Washington Township is asking for a 1.5 mill tax levy renewal to pay for constructing, reconstructing, resurfacing and repairs roads and bridges. The township is also asking voters to renew a 1.6 mill tax levy to pay for fire protection, ambulance, paramedic and other emergency services.

The Village of New Vienna wants voters to replace a levy with 3.5 mill tax levy to operating expenses. It wasn’t clear from election filings what millage was levied on the current levy.

Jefferson Township voters will be asked to renew a 5.25 mill levy for fire protection, ambulance, paramedic and other emergency services.

Port William-Liberty Township Joint Fire and EMS District will ask electors for a 2.5 mill tax levy renewal for fire protection, ambulance, paramedic and other emergency services.

The Sabina, Richland, Wayne and Wilson Townships (SRWW) Joint Fire District no. 2 is asking voters to renew a 2.5 mill fire levy for fire protection, ambulance, paramedic and other emergency services.

Clarksville is asking voters to renew a 2 mill and 1.9 mill current expenses tax levies.

Sabina is expected to have some sort of referendum on zoning, but details weren’t available as of press time.

Running unopposed, and their sought-after seats, are:

• John Stanfoth, mayor of Wilmington. Stanforth and Cindy Peterson, Wilmington’s current president of council, faced off in the May Republican primary. Stanforth won.

• Randy Riley, president of council for Wilmington. Riley defeated Loren Stuckert in the Republican primary in May.

• David Hollingsworth, Wilmington auditor.

• Jonathan McKay, Wilmington Council, first ward. McKay defeated incumbent Bob Mead for the seat back in May.

• Loren L. Stuckert II, Wilmington Council, second ward. Stuckert II beat Lucas Harris by a narrow margin in the primary.

• Joe Spicer, Wilmington Council, third ward.

• Marian Miller, Wilmington Council, fourth ward. Miller, who currently serves as an at-large member of council, won the seat against incumbent Rob Jaehnig.

• Cynthia Sutton, Blanchester council.

• John Carman, Blanchester mayor.

• Dennis Blocker, Blanchester board of public affairs.

• Robert Haines, Blanchester board of public affairs.

• Tonya Eades, Clarksville council.

• Sheila Dawson, Martinsville council.

• Kynda Strider, Martinsville council.

• Paul Ledford, Midland council.

• Kimberly Cole, Midland council.

• Betty Adam, New Vienna council.

• Michelle Morrison, Port William mayor.

• Melinda Rose, fiscal officer, Adams Township.

• James Reveal, trustee, Adams Township.

• Steven Collett, trustee, Chester Township.

• Karla Collett, fiscal officer, Chester Township.

• Karen Gibson, fiscal officer, Clark Township.

• Rick Walker Jr., trustee, Clark Township.

• Robyn McMillan, fiscal officer, Green Township.

• James Woodruff, trustee, Green Township.

• Bob Stroud, fiscal officer, Jefferson Township.

• George Cook, trustee, Marion Township.

• Jean Richards, fiscal officer, Marion Township.

• Shirley Rittenhouse, fiscal officer, Richland Township.

• Richard Grove, trustee, Richland Township.

• Tammy May, fiscal officer, Vernon Township.

• Julie Eastes, fiscal officer, Washington Township.

• Brenda Woods, fiscal officer, Wayne Township.

• Kevin Bean, trustee, Wayne Township.

• Kelly Shoemaker, fiscal officer, Wilson Township.

• Ronald Kendall, trustee, Wilson Township.

• Rod Lane, Southern Ohio Educational Service Center board member, district one.

• James Luck, SOESC board member, district three.

• Carl Wilt, SOESC board member, district five.

• Christopher Harrison, Clinton-Massie Local School District board member.

• Mark Garen, East Clinton Local School District board member.

• Greg Bronner, East Clinton Local School District board member.

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