A run of destroyed windows


SABINA — Damage was caused overnight Thursday to more than 15 vehicle or structure windows in the village.

“It’s just senseless destruction of property for no apparent reason,” Sabina Police Chief Keynon Young said Friday morning, still processing the multiple reports.

The first report of a broken window in town was received about 11:45 p.m. Thursday, said the chief. The police officer who worked overnight was not able to enter all the damage reports, so the exact number of windows found damaged was not immediately known.

Most of the damage reports were from the northwest and southeast parts of Sabina, Young said.

On Friday, the chief preferred to not specify the means believed to have been used in the spree, saying the incident is under investigation. He did say he does not believe the damage came from a firearm, but instead “a projectile.”

A number of residents heard what sounded like window-breaking, the chief said.

One person had a possible description of a vehicle, which has been relayed to law enforcement, according to Young.

The chief said the activity qualifies as the offense of “criminal damaging,” and due to the amount, would probably rise to the level of a felony crime.

The Highland County Sheriff’s Office, meanwhile, received two window damage reports from north-central Highland County, one during the night Thursday and the other report coming in on Friday morning, said Highland County Sheriff Donnie Barrera.

He said a vehicle window and a house window were damaged along State Route 28 in the Highland community area.

Moreover, earlier in the week, there were multiple window damaging incidents in the city of Hillsboro in Highland County spanning two or three straight days.

Hillsboro Police Chief Todd Whited said the first damage complaint there was received on Monday morning, with the damage apparently occurring sometime Sunday night.

The string of incidents in Hillsboro left windows damaged in two businesses, one residence and 17 vehicles, according to the chief of police.

The damage to the windows at the two businesses appears to be from “some form of pellet or pellet gun,” said Whited.

Most of the damage to cars appears to be from a sling shot using marbles, he said. Several marbles have been recovered, said Whited.

The damage in Hillsboro occurred “here and there, all over,” said the chief. It included a couple car lots, he added.

Whited said he talked with Sabina police Friday to compare notes.

“It’s all the same people, I’m sure,” he said.

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Sabina Police Chief Keynon Young says the spree is “criminal damaging” and probably constitutes a felony.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2015/08/web1_chief_young_f.jpgSabina Police Chief Keynon Young says the spree is “criminal damaging” and probably constitutes a felony.
15-plus windows struck in Sabina

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