Mental health screenings to be offered


Mental Health Recovery Services (MHRS) announced Tuesday that it will introduce mental health screenings in Clinton and Warren counties. MHRS will be using an online screening platform developed by Screening for Mental Health, Inc., (SMH) a national nonprofit and the pioneer in large scale mental health screenings for the public.

You can take the screening here at

Currently, one in four Americans has a diagnosable mental health condition, yet the vast majority — 70 percent — does not seek treatment. A leading deterrent for seeking treatment for those living with these conditions is fear and stigma.

Mental Health screenings provide a quick, anonymous and effective way to recognize individuals who at risk for treatable mental health disorders. The introduction of mental health screenings in Warren and Clinton counties coincides with an annual campaign to bring public attention to the critical needs of those living with depression and other mood and anxiety disorders.

National Depression Screening Day held on Oct. 8 raises awareness and encourages early intervention for mood and anxiety disorders.

MHRS plans to expand its Mental Health Screening program to include mental health screening kiosks later this fall. Through SMH’s MindKare Kiosk program, MHRS will introduce four mental health kiosks in locations throughout the two counties.

MindKare Mental Health Kiosks are designed for use in public spaces, and aim to reduce stigma by making learning about and screening for treatable conditions like depression or anxiety as commonplace as a blood pressure screening. The kiosk includes a touch screen display to provide users with a seamless experience as they navigate through educational information about mental health conditions, a screening assessment, and local treatment resources.

The screening component provides a quick, anonymous way for people to check in on their mental well-being.

The mental health and recovery services system supports communities in Clinton and Warren Counties to respond to behavioral health issues through prevention, intervention, treatment, rehabilitation and asset building services.

Screening for Mental Health, Inc. programs, offered online and in-person, educate, raise awareness, and screen individuals for depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, alcohol use disorders, and suicide.
New program aims to reduce stigma, increase help-seeking

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