Four sentenced for drug-trafficking


WILMINGTON — The following report is compiled from a criminal case disposition report provided by the Clinton County Clerk of Courts. The following cases were tried in Clinton County Court of Common Pleas, which is presided over Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck and his magistrates. Common Pleas handles felony criminal cases.

The defendant’s name, village or city of residence, crime, degree of felony and sentence are provided by the report. Felonies are ranked from F1 (most serious) to F5 (least serious). Defendants found guilty also must pay court costs, but those amounts aren’t included in the disposition report.

The following were sentenced from Aug. 24 to Aug. 28:

• Dominic Melvin, 31, of Wilmington, two counts trafficking in heroin (F4) and two counts aggravated trafficking in drugs (F4), 12 months prison, driver’s license suspended for two years. A separate charge of illegal assembly or possession of drugs against Melvin was dismissed.

• Anthony Simich, 31, of Wilmington, aggravated trafficking in drugs (F4), trafficking in heroin (F5) and aggravated assault (F4), 14 months prison (credit given for 78 days served in jail), license suspended for two years. Separate charges of aggravated trafficking in drugs and trafficking in heroin were dismissed.

• Bryce Ballein, 23, of Hillsboro, aggravated trafficking in drugs (F3), 18 months prison (credit given for nine days served in jail), license suspended for two years. A separate charge of aggravated trafficking in drugs was dismissed.

• Hasan Booker, 27, of Washington D.C., trafficking in cocaine (F5), six months jail (credit given for 14 days served in jail). Booker was initially indicted for engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity (F2), but pled guilty to the lesser charge.

The following had charges dismissed:

• Jamie Noel, 33, of Cincinnati, aggravated possession of drugs (F5); charge dismissed.

• Richard Campbell, 33, of Sabina, burglary (F3), petty theft (first-degree misdemeanor); charges dismissed.

• Tammy Cole, 38, of Wilmington, receiving stole property (F5); charge dismissed.

Also in Common Pleas:

• Rayetta Robinson, 57, of Martinsville, having unlawful interest in a public contract (F4), theft in office (F3), representation by present or former public official or employee prohibited (first-degree misdemeanor) and dereliction of duty (second-degree misdemeanor), house arrest suspended. Robinson was the former mayor of Martinsville and was charged in connection with corruption related to that position’s duties. Robinson was initially sentenced to five years of community controls and ordered to pay more than $40,000 restitution to the village of Martinsville.

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