Senior, Community golf outings at Elks


The team of Clarence Cross, Rusty Smethwick, Lee Jones and Doggie Anderson shot 7-under par 29 Thursday and won the Community Golf League outing at the Elks 797 Golf Course.

The team of Gerry Marcum, Dick Mitchener, Fred Stern and Cliff Curtis shot 6-under 29 and won the Senior Golf League outing Tuesday at the Elks course.

The rest of the field for the Community outing Thursday:

• 30: Dave Huff, Jim Luck, Dave Doyle, Herb Johnson.

• 30: Ron Kersey, Larry Donaldson, Ron Hart.

• 32: Gary Newbry, Billy Stephens, Ed Farley, Buell McBrayer.

• 32: Rodney Williams, Bill Ross, Fred Stern, Gerry Marcum.

• 33: Eric Keltner, French Hatfield, Ken Hill, Kathy Keltner.

• 35: Jim Frank, Mark Hess, Cliff Gasaway, Jack Gasaway.

The rest of the field for Tuesday’s senior outing:

• 30: Rocky Long, Lee Jones, Jim Frank, Don Sicurella.

• 31: Gary Newbry, Dave Doyle, Rusty Smethwick, Doggie Anderson.

• 31: Rodney Williams, Ed Farley, Roger Miller, David Huff.

• 31: Kathy Keltner, Eric Keltner, Ken Hill, Keith Hill.

• 34: Pete Fentress, Cliff Gasaway, Bill Ross, French Hatfield.

• 34: Larry Donaldson, Herb Johnson, Billy Stephens, Clarence Cross.

• 36: Del White, Dick Thacker, Jim Luck, Mark Hess.

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