Wilmington College students rockin’ the Constitution


The “freedom to worship as I chose,” “the right to bear arms,” “the ability to criticize the president and government without repercussions,” “si se puede (‘yes, we can’)” and “God bless America” comprised a few of the messages written on the Campus Rock Thursday when Wilmington College observed Constitution Day.

This year, the college placed a special emphasis upon the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment: Speech, press, religion, assembly and petition.

Throughout the day, a number of classes trekked to the rock to ponder these rights and write a message noting which of these freedoms resonate most with them. While some deviated a bit from the First Amendment theme and included patriotic responses and thoughts about other freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, the spirit of the day remained intact in showing an appreciation for a remarkable document upon which the nation still operates more than 225 years after ratification.

The U.S. Constitution originally was comprised of seven articles that deal with the framework of separation of powers, the rights and responsibilities of state governments and the procedure for ratification.

It has been amended 27 times since 1789 with the first 10 amendments known as the Bill of Rights. These provide for individual liberty and place restrictions on the powers of government. Many of the subsequent 17 amendments expand individual civil rights.

WC’s offices of Academic Affairs and Multicultural Affairs sponsored the annual event.

Students observe day with messages of freedom, patriotism

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