LGSTX Services moves cargo for ‘Aerosmith’


WILMINGTON — The new cargo operation at the Wilmington Air Park is Clinton County’s best-known secret.

Ask anybody around Wilmington and they’ll tell you who they think it is – Amazon, Pepsi, FedEx or any number of well-known company names.

Ask a senior official at LGSTX Services, and he’ll tell you it’s Aerosmith.

Jim Osborne, director of Wilmington Air Park operations for LGSTX Services, a subsidiary of Air Transport Services Group, said the company has signed a non-disclosure agreement with its customer.

LGSTX refers to the operation as “the Aerosmith project.”

“We have been standing true to our customer in that we will not be the one disclosing who that customer is,” Osborne said.

Osborne did say it’s a small cargo operation, in terms of volume, that’s being operated on a trial basis.

Cargo moves from trucks to airplanes and from airplanes to airplanes. Osborne says it’s a “ground-to-air operation and air-to-air operation. All we’re doing really is a cross-dock operation.”

Osborne didn’t say where the planes were flying to.

He said there isn’t a long-term commitment from “Aerosmith,” something the more than 35 employees hired for the job are aware of.

Osborne also said the cargo isn’t hazardous material.

He said “Aerosmith” has given LGSTX performance standards, which LGSTX believes it is meeting.

“As long as we know we’re meeting our standard, we have our hopes that this won’t be short-term,” he said, adding that the customer company hasn’t indicated either way yet.

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Codenamed company customer at Wilmington Air Park

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