I will not sit back and allow scare tactics to continue to be used by those opposed to zoning in the village of Sabina. Some information being circulated in opposition of zoning in Sabina is exaggerated and a far stretch of the imagination. If you are going to be in opposition, get your facts straight.

The absence of zoning has hurt Sabina. Businesses do not want to move in due to the lack of restrictions. Landowners, businesses and tenants are seemingly not held to any level of accountability, which has killed the value of properties in the village, thus losing taxpayers and homeowners thousands of dollars.

I, for one, will gladly pay more money to have an official monitor what is being built, where, and how it is maintained. I want Sabina to be a place I can be proud of — a place where families want to locate generating revenue for our local businesses and schools.

It is our property, our money, our neighbors, our business, and our assets and that is why I will be voting FOR zoning on the November ballot.

Daniel Harp