Vote no on Gateway Zoning


We have lived in our home for almost 30 years on what is considered a main “gateway.” We purchased it in good faith that our residential zoning would stay in place and protect us as needed. We are blessed to have many wonderful neighbors. Even though we live on a busy street, we have always considered it a neighborhood of mostly residential properties.

Please don’t let city council take away our protections and allow almost any type of business with absolutely no restrictions on the hours of operation to come into our neighborhood and your city.

There are many appropriate places for businesses to locate in Wilmington. Why not encourage businesses to utilize the already vacant areas? Take the time to read the initial G1-Gateway Zoning and you will be shocked to see what is being proposed for the areas that contain our oldest homes. Please help us in our fight to save our homes and your town from becoming a business district and vote no on G1-Gateway Zoning.

Jeff and Angela Earley


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