On the Nov. 3 general election ballot, Sabina voters will be asked whether they favor or oppose the adoption of an ordinance to establish: zoning districts in the village; a zoning map showing the location of these districts; and a board of zoning appeals to administer and enforce the ordinance.

I support this important initiative by citizens who successfully petitioned to have the proposed ordinance put on the ballot. While I acknowledge concerns of those who urge voters to reject zoning, the pros of regulating land use, in my view, far outweigh the perceived cons.

There are good reasons why cities, villages and townships across America have zoning laws. By definition, they are designed to protect and enhance property values. They’re in place to encourage orderly growth and development, to minimize land use conflicts and prevent the juxtaposition of incompatible elements such as a business in a residential district (and vice versa). In Sabina, existing property use will be “grandfathered” and no added tax burden applied.

Before Sabina voters go to the polls, we ask ourselves, Do I want to live in a community with reasonable guidelines over its land use, appearance and quality of life? My answer is yes!

George Wilson