CMMS student’s art works at Aronoff


The artwork of Pearl Spurlock, a student at Clinton-Massie Middle School, was chosen to hang at the Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati, through an annual student show organized by the Cincinnati Arts Association.

The theme of this year’s show was “Day at the Park,” and Pearl’s submission was an image inspired by the bridge dedicated to Dr. Nathan Hale on the Luther Warren Peace Path in Wilmington. Her art teacher at Clinton-Massie, Jessica Yankel, encouraged Pearl to work on a piece for the show.

“The bridge contained a great deal of perspective and angular work that Pearl would have to master in order to make the bridge feel correct on the page,” Yankel said. “Originally, we choose to use watercolor for her medium because of Pearl’s natural ability in painting, but also for her lack of experience and practice with watercolors.”

The first attempt at the painting did not turn out as planned, but her teacher encouraged Pearl to work through the challenges. Pearl ended up adding mixed media with torn paper and used oil pastels to add shadows and emphasize perspective.

“Pearl’s willingness to try anything new astounds me. I think I could ask her to make a painting out of ketchup and she would try it,” Yankel joked. “This painting is a testament to her work ethic, passion, and artistic talent.

“As Pearl continues to practice and develop her craft, we are going to see this young lady become a name in the art community — even more than she already has. I am beyond proud of her and honored that I have been given the opportunity to teach and know such a gifted artist.”

Pearl Spurlock and Clinton-Massie art teacher Jessica Yankel with one of Pearl’s works of art. Spurlock and Clinton-Massie art teacher Jessica Yankel with one of Pearl’s works of art. Courtesy photo

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