Clinton County’s July marriages


WILMINGTON — The following is a marriage report from the Clinton County Probate Court. It includes the names of those married, their residences, ages and occupations.

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The following people applied for and received a marriage license in July:

• Terrence Whiteside, 42, an unloader, and Jamaica Hope, 37, a nurse, both of Sabina.

• Clarence Gibbs Jr., 42, of Lynchburg, a factory worker, and Jessica Griffith, 33, of Martinsville, a waitress.

• David Clapp, 23, an engineer, and Taylor Pittl, 22, a graphic designer, both of Wilmington.

• Enoch Heise, 21, of Wilmington, an apprentice plumber, and Bridget Proffitt, 21, of Clarksville, an accountant.

• Anthony O’Dell, 58, a painter, and Lori Thomas, 59, both of Sabina.

• Joseph Hargraves, 54, who works in manufacturing, and Lucinda Allessi, 46, a deli clerk, both of Clarksville.

• Justin Collins, 32, of Wilmington, an electrician, and Marianna Mootoo, 26, of Tampa, Florida.

• Wayne Pogue, 57, a laborer, and Shana Roush, 50, a serving wench, both of Sabina.

• Michael Reavis, 27, a server, and Kayla Falkenbach, 25, a teacher, both of Wilmington.

• Joseph Haygood, 34, an EMT, and Sarah Strunk, 28, an EMS, both of Blanchester.

• Josiah Brackemyre, 24, a non-profit employee, and Allison Tuthill, 22, a preschool teacher, both of Westfield, Indiana.

• Jason Sneed, 32, a soil and water supervisor, and Jennifer Braun, 28, a teacher, both of Blanchester.

• Daniel Spurlock, 32, a landscaper, and India Hammond, 29, both of Sabina.

• Joseph Monteleone, 50, a molding technician, and Connie Toner, 52, an operator, both of Wilmington.

• Paul Thomas, 27, a food service employee, and Brittnie Sexton, 24, a state-tested nursing aide, both of Blanchester.

• Matthew Middleton, 22, a sales employee, and Jessica Tapp, 22, both of Wilmington.

• Brad McCray, 35, a customer service employee, and Kelli Wertz, 34, a document retention employee, both of Wilmington.

• Timothy Edwards, 27, a welder, and Roberta Humphries, 41, a teacher, both of Blanchester.

• Kristine Baker, 52, who works in nuclear medicine, and Kathleen Murphy, 56, an engineer, both of Wilmington.

• Bryant Bart, 29, a cleaner, and Latasha Turner, 31, a receptionist, both of Wilmington.

• Jason Cook, 36, and Jennifer Warnock, 32, a post office employee, both of Wilmington.

• Richard Miller, 29, a refuse collector, and Andrea Haines, 22, a DDS operations lead, both of Wilmington.

• Donald Hayden III, 25, a warehousing employee, and Chelsey Elliott, 25, both of Sabina.

• Aaron Taylor, 33, a machine operator, and Carolyn Morgan, 21, a quality inspector, both of Wilmington.

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By Nathan Kraatz

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