In “Eyes on Trump, Clinton County,” Tom Barr quotes supporters of Mr. Trump’s anti-immigration policy. We residents of Wilmington have a different view that needs to be heard.

Wilmington, Ohio has been through a lot over the past few decades, but we are a town on the rise. We have committed leaders, business owners, and community members who are working to move Wilmington forward.

Donald Trump is bringing his divisive message of hate to our community, dredging up scars from the past.

Neither Wilmington nor the United States of America will achieve their full promise and potential if politicians succeed in dividing our communities.

We stand united in our rejection of all forms of hatred and bigotry.

Joy I. Brubaker

Angela Faul

Connie Hammond, Board Member, Progressive Peace Coalition

Cynthia Hannah

Tanya Maus, Director, Peace Resource Center

Dr. Steve Szeghi