WPD UPDATE: Stolen car found, but escapee still at-large


WILMINGTON — Police are seeking a man they say escaped custody Sunday night and then stole a car.

According to the Wilmington Police Department, just after 7 p.m. Sunday John Dean McKinney, 41, escaped custody while at Clinton Memorial Hospital. He was wearing black and white striped jail-issued clothing; he took several blankets with him and may use them to cover his clothing, police said.

McKinney was recently charged with robbing a Wilmington bank.

Police issued an update that as of Monday afternoon McKinney still had not been found, and they reported that he stole a car — a gray 2003 Lincoln LS — which was reported stolen Monday morning.

On Monday night, the WPD released an update that the car had been found in Wilmington, but McKinney was still at-large.

Anyone who may have observed McKinney during this time period is encouraged to contact the WPD. They added that anyone who provides assistance to McKinney is aiding an escaped prisoner and will be prosecuted for their involvement. If you see McKinney please contact 911 immediately.

The WPD also reported Monday afternoon that the circumstances as to how McKinney managed to escape will also be investigated, but “the current focus is on finding McKinney and bringing this incident to close without harm to the public, law enforcement, or John McKinney.”

Wilmington police last Wednesday arrested McKinney, who they say robbed the First Financial Bank on Fife Avenue the day before. Police reported he was found hiding in a garage on Applegate Street.

According to Police Chief Duane Weyand, the suspect demanded money and then fled eastbound in the alley. Through investigation, the police department determined the suspect to be McKinney.

A felony 3 robbery charge was filed late last Tuesday night.



By Tom Barr

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