PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Carson Wentz will win multiple Super Bowls for the Eagles.

The rookie No. 2 overall pick was excellent in his NFL debut, tossing two touchdown passes in Philadelphia’s win over Cleveland.

Coaches and teammates have raved about Wentz’s intelligence, poise, leadership and talent. Fans already anointed him the franchise’s savior.

No doubt Wentz is the next Aaron Rodgers.

“He can throw just as good as Rodgers on the run, on the move,” eight-time Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters told “He’s really accurate on the run. That’s who he reminds me of: Rodgers, when he gets to moving, the way he darts the ball on the run. He has it. All we’ve got to do is keep the pocket clean, and he’s going to throw it to the open guy. Point blank. He’s going to eat ‘em up.”

NFL season is here and it’s time for weekly overreactions. Peters proves that fans and media aren’t the only people who can blow one game way out of proportion.

Yes, Wentz was outstanding . He has potential to do great things. But, he beat the Cleveland Browns. Let’s wait until does it to a team that’s been to the playoffs this decade before comparing him to a future Hall of Famer.

Here are other overreactions following Week 1:

OVERREACTION: The Browns are going 0-16.

REALISTIC REACTION: They looked awful against the Eagles, but the Browns aren’t the 2008 Lions just yet. Josh McCown is replacing an injured Robert Griffin III and that just might help them win a game.


OVERREACTION: Tom Brady should keep throwing passes to Gisele in the couple’s backyard because the Patriots are just fine with Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback.

REALISTIC REACTION: Garoppolo played well in a win at Arizona. Let’s have this conversation after he wins four Super Bowls.


OVERREACTION: Shaun Hill deserves to be Minnesota’s No. 1 quarterback.

REALISTIC REACTION: The Vikings traded a first-round pick and conditional fourth for Sam Bradford. Hill did well in the opener, but Bradford plays when he’s ready.


OVERREACTION: The Chiefs won’t lose until the playoffs.

REALISTIC REACTION: Eleven straight regular-season wins is impressive, but they have to play the Raiders and Broncos four times.


OVERREACTION: Dak Prescott is no different from Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel.

REALISTIC REACTION: It wasn’t Prescott’s fault the Cowboys lost to the Giants. He’ll do better than 1-11.


OVERREACTION: Darrelle Revis has lost a step.

REALISTIC REACTION: A.J. Green caught 12 passes for 180 yards and a touchdown, mostly against Revis, but he’s done that to plenty of cornerbacks.


OVERREACTION: Ben Roethlisberger to Antonio Brown is an unstoppable combination.

REALISTIC REACTION: The dynamic duo continued to torch secondaries Monday night vs. the Redskins, but the Broncos and Ravens found a way to stop them in the playoffs the past two years.


OVERREACTION: Jack Del Rio will be AFC Coach of the Year.

REALISTIC REACTION: Del Rio’s bold decision to go for a two-point conversion instead of playing for the tie in the final minute paid off for the Raiders. He has to lead them to the playoffs before he wins any awards.


OVERREACTION: Andrew Luck and the Colts’ offense needs to score 40 points to win a game because 35 wasn’t enough against Detroit.

REALISTIC REACTION: Maybe 37 will get it done.


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