Colonial Dames hear about American’s Creed


The Indian Trails Chapter of Colonial Dames 17 Century met at Max and Erma’s on Sept. 24, 2016.

Leslie Holmes read the National Defense report about the defense of our country in cyberspace. Kay McIntire talked about veterans projects. The members are to bring to the next meeting the ingredients for a meal and/or money to give to the veterans of Clinton County.

The members discussed the guidelines for a memorial of a member. The family of the member should state what the member wanted. A marker will be purchased to be ready in case a family wants to purchase and place a marker on the grave. Also a short memorial service will be given at a future meeting. Flowers will be sent to the funeral.

Frances Sharp was the nominating committee member. The officers for the coming year were nominated and elected.

We discussed the placement of a historical marker in Clinton County. A location was selected. Nancy Bernard will contact the location. If the location agrees, the process will start. Kim Stackhouse is the chairman of a four-person committee to complete the project.

Leslie Holmes gave a program titled “William Tyler Page and the American’s Creed.”

William Tyler Page was born in 1868 and was a descendent of several people who were involved in the history of our country. He had to leave school at the age of 10 because his father was ill. His mother was able to get him a job as page in the House of Representatives.

He liked the job and was promoted to Assistant File Clerk; then to Printing and Bill Clerk; then to Bill Clerk; and then to Clerk of Accounts. He was a staunch Republican.

In 1919 he was elected Clerk of the House. When the next party came to power, he was so important that they made him Minority Clerk. So he was able to stay as a page until his death.

His service in the House of Representatives lasted for more than 60 years. He was called the “patriarch of pages.” He was known as a counselor and a dear friend.

In 1917 there was a contest to find “the best summary of the political faith of America.” After reviewing the entries. Mr. Page decided to enter the contest.

So he wrote a civic creed that was in the form of a Christian creed. He won the contest and used his $1,000 prize to purchase Liberty Bonds to help the American war effort. He used part of other documents so the creed would be accepted by everyone. This creed has been nationally accepted.

The brag basket was passed and the door prize was given. The next meeting is the 29th of October.

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