Gladly voting for city tax issue


I pay Wilmington City taxes, but I do not get to vote on the issue. I work in Wilmington but live in the county.

I enjoy the city roads, parks, trails, services, the well-kept look and the security provided.

I sometimes think I am taxed enough already. But I know better. I know that to have the common goods that are provided, they have to be paid for — not by Columbus nor Washington, but here.

I trust the mayor and the city council to shepherd the funds wisely, and thank them for their efforts. There may be a couple of areas that need attention (WNJ should publish the budget), but for the most part I feel I get high value for money.

I ask those of you who can cast a ballot to vote “yes” on the City Tax Issue. I will gladly contribute my share.

Don Chafin


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