Clinton County October marriage licenses


WILMINGTON — The following is a marriage license report from the Clinton County Probate Court. It includes the names of the couple, their towns of residence, ages and occupations.

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The following people applied for and received a marriage license in October:

• Brenten Neil Taylor Jr., 24, who works in retail, and Chelsea Nicole Boatrite, 26, deli manager, both of Blanchester.

• Andrew Ryan Klepper, 27, engineer, and Lindsey Anne Daniher, 27, dentist, both of Wilmington.

• Jacob Michael Jones, 22, who works in aircraft maintenance, of Loveland, and Kelsi Brianna Lindsey, 21, respiratory therapist, of New Vienna.

• Shane H. Davis, 38, HVAC service tech, and Pamela Louise Hufford, 30, veterinary technician, both of Wilmington.

• Austin David Hildebrant, 22, inside sales rep, and Tiffany Noel Woods, 23, dental hygienist, both of Lynchburg.

• Jeremy David Irwin, 30, flight specialist, and Brittany Annette Oeder, 30, vial inspector, both of Sabina.

• Frank Leonard Evans Jr., 26, machine operator, and Megan Marie Harperee, 28, packer, both of Blanchester.

• William Michael Richard Holland, 45, unemployed, and Julie Anne Shoemaker, 43, disabled, both of Wilmington.

• William Lee Benner II, 24, unemployed, and Tiffany Eileen Sinclair, 23, unemployed, both of Wilmington.

• Joyce Elaine Dallas, 47, unemployed, and Julie Ann Burns, 45, unemployed, both of Wilmington.

• John Ellis Broglin II, 44, technician, and Tena Elaine McCoy, 41, teacher, both of Wilmington.

• Thomas Blaine Tumbleson, 24, test technician, of Clarksville, and Maria Ann Cosler, 24, account development manager, of Wilmington.

• Frank Moritz Holman, 64, retired, of Chillicothe, and Mary Louise Herskowitz, loan processor, 53, of Wilmington.

• Joel Lahman Hogle, 27, inventory arborist, and Nellie Noel Ashmore, 26, self-employed, both of Wilmington.

• Zachary Scott Bruner, 27, works in manufacturing, and Dalesa Kay Stephens, 34, homemaker, both of Wilmington.

• Alex Wayne Bartlett, 21, mechanic, and Brittanie Joann Camp, 24, preschool teacher, both of Martinsville.

• Seth Von Potts, 23, factory worker, and Jenna Catherine Milstead, 24, factory worker, both of Wilmington.

• Dennis Patrick McDannell, 62, regional chief pilot, of Wilmington, and Denise Lynn McKenzie, 45, training coordinator, of Burlington, Kentucky.

• Bryce Jeffry Allen Clary, 23, custom applicator, and Chelsea Faye Martin, 24, direct support professional, both of Wilmington.

• Casey Emilio Holgado, 26, works in the Air Force, of Apollo Beach, Florida, and Stephanie Iustina Davidson, 24, unemployed, of Wilmington.

• Kenton Luke Swearingen, 23, student, of Wilmington, and Lillian Nicole Heyob, 22, engineer, of Cincinnati.

• Nakiya Dale Thompson, 24, factory worker, and Chelsea Alexis Mick, 22, homemaker, both of Sabina.

• Keith Allen Miller, 32, quality control auditor, and Kristy Lee Swisshelm, 26, homemaker, both of Wilmington.

• Joseph Richard Serratos, 49, aircraft mechanic, and Joann Stacey Milburn, 44, salad bar attendant, both of Wilmington.

• Charles Lewis Brooks, 61, works in maintenance, of Blanchester, and Terri Lynn Winkle, 49, assembly worker, of Sardinia.

• Anthony Jay Hull, 48, manager, and Tracey Leigh Lynch, 44, works in patients accounts, both of Sabina.

• Brett Daniel Christen, 31, chef, and Marteena Lynn Smith, 41, nurse, both of Wilmington.

• Douglas Carl Haggerty, 40, truck driver, and Nicole Elsie Alison Ross, works in customer service, both of Blanchester.

• Delford Ernest Jackson, 86, retired Air Force, and Zenaida Mendoza De Villa, 57, retired, both of Wilmington.

• Philip Lawrence French II, 29, assistant general manager, of Port William, and Shannon Nicole Smith, corrections officer, 31, both of Port William.

• Joel Michael Rampello, 30, works in manufacturing, and Katheryn Marie Brooks, 29, homemaker, both of Blanchester.

• William Eric Schutte, 46, works in quality assurance, and Kimberly Ann Ellis, 50, Collector II, both of Blanchester.

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