CCSO: Suspects in multiple thefts


WILMINGTON — The Clinton County Sheriff’s Office has arrested suspects who were allegedly involved with multiple thefts around the areas of Leslie Lane and Sycamore Road.

Col. Brian Prickett of the Sheriff’s Office gave praise to the joint effort of deputies on all shifts for helping track down the alleged perpetrators.

“Every shift collaborated in part of the investigation somehow because of the way the information came out,” said Prickett. “No one individual was responsible. Everybody was talking to each other and using all the bits and pieces of information they had.”

The string of thefts occurred between the first week in December until about Dec. 15 with the sheriff’s office collecting about 35 reports involving perpetrators entering cars and taking smaller items including clothing, spare change, and in one instance, a firearm.

“They were mostly hitting at night in subdivisions in the county,” said Sgt. Doug Eastes. “We were able to identify a possible suspect vehicle. Some of our route patrol officers saw the vehicle and reported it.”

Eastes stated that the vehicle was pulled over by a third-shift deputy and he was able to identify the driver, the next day on Dec. 15 it was pulled over by a first-shift officer. The officer was able to identify the driver and three other subjects.

The driver was arrested for driving under suspension. Two of the occupants were arrested due to outstanding warrants they had — one for Clinton County and the other for Highland County — and a fourth subject was charged with weapons while under disability. According to Eastes, they located a stolen firearm from a previous report.

As of now the suspects have yet to be officially charged for the thefts. But Prickett gave credit to excellent communication and teamwork of the officers of all shifts.

Sheriff Ralph Fizer Jr. wants local residents to know that if they see anything suspicious, they should alert authorities no matter what.

“There are some people who think they’re bothering us, but they’re not,” said Fizer. “They should call, it could very well be nothing, but it won’t hurt.”

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